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The woman who has thrown out the child in a dustbin, have found

It has come on reception to the gynecologist

Yesterday has written, how in the garbage container in Vladimir have found out a corpse of the newborn child. Employees operatively - an investigatory brigade have found mother of the kid. It had appeared 19 - summer Natalia (the name is changed).

Natalia was on friendly terms with the guy some years. When has become pregnant, to marry the guy has refused. Has threatened: you Will give birth - I will kill also you, and the child . Natalia mother repeated often: God forbid, you will become pregnant! If that, do abortion . Having learnt about the pregnancy, Natalia was frightened. Has gone on an appointment. As pregnancy term was 12 weeks, to it as the girl confirms, to make abortion have refused. However the doctor has informed that Natalia has come on reception unique time, in April, on term nine - ten weeks then in hospital any more it was not shown.

According to Natalia, nobody knew about its pregnancy of the house. Ostensibly by the native it has been told that at it illnesses, from here - unhealthy completeness have become aggravated. Meanwhile, the neigbour of the girl has declared to inspectors that saw Natalia of the pregnant woman - it was necessary to notice a stomach.

Natalia says that gave birth at night at home, in the filled bath. During fights suffered not to cry. That the child has not involved attention native with shouts, Natalia as it only was born, has covered his face with a hand and did not allow to emerge.

Natalia has put the Sunk baby in a cellophane package. A package has turned out - so usually in apartment arrived with garbage, and has gone to bed. Next morning on the way to work has thrown out a package in the garbage container. About o`clock in the afternoon the package with the child was found by the vagabonds digging in a dustbin, and have called militia. The militia and Office of Public Prosecutor were engaged in a legal investigation.

Have found Natalia very simply. At it the bleeding has begun, and together with mother it has come on an appointment. It has defined at once that Natalia gave birth recently. The girl at first denied it, asserted that has made abortion, but then admitted.

By the way, according to the forensic scientist, Natalia of the child gave birth not in water, and he has died not because has choked. The consequence has a version that at sorts someone helped Natalia. But it does not give out the accomplice. It is threatened with charge in murder and term till 15 years of imprisonment. Accusation under article " will be brought to Natalia; Murder by mother of the newborn child . To it threatens till five years of imprisonment.

the Material is prepared with assistance
the senior inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of a city Vladimir Sergey Sokolova.