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Magris closed the owner from bullets of insurgents

And now has retired

Magris has appeared in nursery of the Vladimirskiy Department of Internal Affairs casually. The German shepherd was resulted by the woman. Her husband has died, and there was nobody to be engaged in a dog of serious breed. Then Magrisu was year and four months.
- we have looked each other in eyes, and I have understood that with this dog we will work well together, - the former cynologist of nursery Nikolay Anisimov tells.
on the first employment anybody has not guessed at all that Magris - the beginner so sensibly he behaved. Having executed the next command, the dog looked at the cynologist as if asked: What we will do still? .

sobachej open-cast mines
Magris knew the beginning some the basic commands: to sit to stand nearby . Nikolay Konstantinovich began to learn to go a dog on a trace. Employment spent with the workmate representing the criminal. Once after capture the criminal Nikolay Konstantinovich discussed any details with the workmate. Magris all kind showed to the owner that the one whom it caught, costs nearby. But the cynologist on these hints of attention did not convert. And then Magris has seized the criminal for trousers: Well, here it! .

soon Magris began to help employees of criminal investigation department. Searched for the things hidden by predators, tracked down country thieves.
there was a case when the dog has found the drugs hidden in a wall clock. Having smelt them, Magris began to twist a head and has tried to scramble on a wall. Militiamen have found out in hours a bag with heroin.

the Dog talented - Nikolay Anisimov has come to a conclusion and began to learn to search for the pupil an explosive. The main thing here - to disaccustom a dog to bark and take in teeth the found subject. It should accept - to sit down or lay down an alarm pose near to a dangerous subject. Magrisu it was difficult to get used to new requirements. Very much he liked to bring to the cynologist the finds.

two companions Ministered...

In the war
In 1995 Nikolay Anisimov and Magrisa have sent to the Chechen Republic. It was necessary to clear of mines houses, schools, roads... On explosive searches went five together - the sapper, two cynologists and two dogs. On open district of the first there was a dog, and in cellars the sapper as in the dark the dog could not see a mine extension at first went down.

It was necessary to Magrisu to sniff and the road covered with fresh asphalt, - under it there could be an explosive. On the heated asphalt to a dog was to work more hard, than in zelenke long holding a smell. To the Chechen heat of Magris has got used quickly, as well as to trips on armored troop-carriers, and to flights by roaring planes and helicopters. Quite easy transferred shots from grenade cup discharges and automatic machines.

During business trip of Magris has strongly become attached to Nikolay Konstantinovichu. Once here what history has happened. Anisimov with the friend and Magrisom have gone in Mozdok behind provisions for a dog. Having done shopping, for the night have stopped in hostel. Men were washed and have gone to bed. Nikolay Konstantinovich zahrapel. The friend has tried to push it to stop a snore. But has hardly given a hand, as Magris has threateningly begun to roar. So the friend also was not possible manage

In 1999 Magrisa with Nikolay Konstantinovichem have sent in business trip to Dagestan. There there was a real war. It was necessary to take gangster dugouts and the strengthened pillboxes with fight. Chechens went on any shifts
- I See, wood has suddenly risen on a concrete plate. From the formed chink at us have fired, and the plate has fallen, - Nikolay Anisimov remembers.

During fights of Magris crept up to Nikolay Konstantinovichu and laid down at level of its chest.
- Magris, nearby, - ordered to it the owner, - will kill, how I without you home will go?!
but Magris did not obey. For the first time.

After fights when OMON fighters slept, Magris and Nikolay Konstantinovich surveyed vicinities. Searched for mines that nobody was undermined when will go to wash or to the car.

In 2001 Magris and Nikolay Anisimov have been recalled in Shelkovsky area of the Chechen Republic. There they have gone with the vladimirskiy OMON. Under the official version, militiamen should protect a public order. Actually they struggled with bands. Once at the river Terek militiamen have found two cut off heads. Magris has picked up a trail and already has almost come nearer to the hidden gang. But during this moment firing was fastened, OMON fighters on the other hand have approached to Chechens. Do not start fight, under bullets of gangsters Magris and the cynologist would please.

In a peace time
During presidential elections of the Russian Federation in 1996 Magris protected the capital underground. Searched for an explosive in underground tunnels, under escalators and in cars. Together with the cynologist the dog came into one door of the car, sniffed at people and their bags, and having reached the second door, grandly sat down and waited, when the train will reach to station.

In 1998 during the World youthful Olympic games in Moscow Magris and Nikolay Anisimov protected the Olympic village where there lived sportsmen. Magris searched for the weapon in transport and on approaches to village. Fortunately, has found nothing. Games have passed easy.

Magris on rest
last year Nikolay Anisimov has retired. Without work there was also Magris. Now the dog lives in nursery of the Department of Internal Affairs. Each day off to it comes Nikolay Konstantinovich. The fighting companion Magris looks forward. And easily learns noise of its motor the nine . The cynologist takes away a dog from an open-air cage and walks with it. The dog has forgotten nothing. With pleasure executes commands. Together with owner Magris sometimes goes on the nature.

- As - that in the street there was a rain so Magris has tried to close me itself, - Nikolay Konstantinovich tells.
- Lizun, - saying goodbye, it tenderly pulls out a sheep-dog for a neck.
- really the fighting dog wishes to be licked? - I am surprised.
- yes I it purposely so name. It on a broader scale - that on caress is very avaricious. Just once will lick in lips and all And thus so looks, as if speaks: Well, will suffice! .

In 1986 for operation on revealing of drugs Nikolay Anisimov has been awarded by the order of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs nominal hours. It recognised as one of the best cynologists of Russia and have placed a photo together with a dog on posters. Posters have dispatched on the country. Nikolay Konstantinovich has lost the poster. But just the same has seen in 1999 in Dagestan.

it is competent
the Dog - the friend of the militiaman
Evgenie Bruskov - the deputy chief of criminal militia of the Department of Internal Affairs of a city of Vladimir:

- the Dog in a city to work hard. It picks up a trail, but loses it on the hot asphalt impregnated with gasoline. After armed assault on shop in the street Vasilisina the dog trailed in a private sector, but has lost it when left on asphalt. And here the dog has helped to open other crime. Has deduced field investigators on waste ground where the criminal hid.
dogs are irreplaceable at inspections on presence of an explosive of public places - stadiums, schools, theatres. If the call about the put explosive the place also necessarily is surveyed by a dog arrives. The dog is irreplaceable and by search of drugs. Once at a search in Kind labrador has found 28 doses.