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The crucian here is caught always

Knowingly in the people speak: to Any vegetable - the kitchen garden . And - favourite it is time to each kind of our fresh-water inhabitants, both for spawning, and for a biting. Clearly, nerestitsja nalim in frosts, a pike - in the late spring, a crucian And here a crucian in this respect a nature positive miracle. If in the winter it anyway buries in silt and sucks a fin with ikrometom can to drag out all the summer long. And it and affects a biting.

But past June - July - August have pleased almost each fisher - the fan who went on a pond or lake for this fish. However, and now still, while water has not cooled down, it is possible to come back home with excellent ulovom silvery and bronze handsome men

Is in Jurev - the Polish area, in eight versts from village not Past, village Simizino, and at it two ponds - small and deep. In both with variable success the excellent crucian and a measured carp is caught. Not to be unfounded, we will remind of a picture which has been published in one of June issues on these ponds the passionate fan of hunting for large fish Vasily Eguraev after ten-minute struggle has won a six-kilogramme handsome man.

Local fishers (and not only they) have noticed for a long time one curious thing: on a small pond the largest carps and crucians, and on deep - so, average fatness are caught. To peck simizinskie gourmets prefer on abruptly welded perlovku. Fish on it it takes greedy and, the main thing, sharply. If zazevalis can lose a fishing tackle easily. These reservoirs that on them it is possible to catch both from a boat, and from coast are still good, without being afraid to cut the bottom or to have wet feet.

On what pecks in the autumn?
on a place lova
Autumn - the best is time to Malek of catching of predatory fish on zhivtsa. But not any fisher manages to be reserved by the small small fish, and transportation zhivtsov from one reservoir to another is undesirable. A trifle for a nozzle extract on a fishing place, using simple merezhku - a trap. Thanks to the small sizes (diameter of hoops of 25 sm, length of edges - rasporok 25 sm) it freely finds room in a backpack together with all other fishing economy. But, first of all, it is necessary to make a skeleton. It from a willow - krasnotala which from a willow - beljanki, fragile and fragile, differs flexibility and a pliability becomes. Knowingly it masters - korzinshchiki value.
Two identical hoops incorporate and fasten among themselves four or six edges - rasporkami. At okuklivanii a skeleton the grid in a forward hoop involves a mouth (diameter of its top of 5 sm), and all it occupies the one third part of length merezhki and fastens vnatjazhku four cords to a back hoop. Both it is necessary to equip a mouth, and the tail end small obruchikami. To catch malka it is possible from a boat or from coast - there where there is a vegetation. For its immersing on a cord cargo which is unessential for carrying with itself is necessary, - stones or a large pebble can be found everywhere. A bait for malka dough, an oil cake, any abrupt porridge minister.

On a soft hook
In zakorjazhennyh places blesnoj you will make nothing. Mormyshka too clings. And it is possible to find a way out. Burning match it is necessary to heat up a hook. After that it becomes flexible and at a hook for a snag if the scaffold is strong enough, is unbent. The perch in size to three hundred grammes of such hook, as a rule, does not unbend, and if it was unbent, bend and continue catching.

the Nozzle in fir cones
in the Autumn, walking on wood, be not too lazy to lift and vylushchit a fir cone. You by all means will find in it some small white larvae: on five - ten pieces. It is an excellent nozzle at catching on mormyshku, though in the autumn in conducting, though on ice.

the Nozzle from an oak
In oak groves in the end of summer and in the autumn - mass falling off of acorns. Many acorns are amazed by a caterpillar - acorn plodozhorkoj (they have darkly - brown colour) which is an excellent nozzle for catching of small fry, a perch, a crucian and other fish. To extract a nozzle, the fallen down acorns collect in a bucket or other capacity with smooth walls, whence caterpillars cannot get out. Acorns should be touched and collected daily the left caterpillars. If plodozhorka has left an acorn, on it there will be a small aperture. Such acorns are better for cleaning, that did not disturb.


- the unique representative of family treskovyh which lives in fresh water. Resides in the pure rivers with a weak current, and also in deep flowing lakes with clay and melkokamenistym a bottom. It holodoljubivaja fish. Conducts an inactive way of life in the summer, and during a hot time on a broader scale runs into catalepsy and keeps at the bottom of deep holes, whirlpools, under breakages, snags and stones, in rachih holes, especially there where beat cold springs. Only in the first of October nalim leaves the summer havens and begins zhirovat. The adult nalim - a gluttonous predator. Its food - gudgeons, small plotvichki and ruffs. He also eats worms, young frogs, the cancers, pieces which have casually got to water of meat. However the present predator it becomes only in 3 - 4 years. And before eats basically worms, other ground organisms, and also caviar and larvae of fishes. In our reservoirs not so it is a lot of nalimego livestock, because a considerable part of caviar, and then larvae and molodi perishes, including - in a mouth of the senior colleagues. The usual sizes nalima - 25 - 30 sm at length at weight 0,8 - 1,2 kg.

Fishers allocate three periods of its biting: autumn (since October to ledostava), winter (December - February) and spring (March - April). In the autumn, nagulivajas before spawning, he wanders on all reservoir and devours a large quantity of the fish trifle. At this time nalima catch ground fishing tackles, both from boats, and from coast. As nozzles are used zhivtsy, vypolzki, brushes of red hearts, young frogs and dead small fishes on snastochke. As will fish, as a rule, at night and infrequently check tackles, the lead on a fishing tackle should be put metal - a scaffold (even thick) nalim frays the teeth - a brush. Nalim swallows a nozzle far so at night not always it is possible to take a hook from its mouth. Therefore it is better to put demountable leads on a fishing tackle and to release tackle from extraction together with a lead. In a full moon it is cool temporarily stops. Vyvazhivat nalima it is easy - it renders very much weakness in resistance, main not to allow to it to be hammered under a stone or a snag. And here to pull out from water it is necessary a net - slippery nalima not so - that simply to keep in hands.

Vladimir SAMOILOV.