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Near Murom the bus with children

One boy has turned over was lost, 33 schoolboys are wounded

On Wednesday morning on an entrance to Murom the excursion bus " has turned over; Mercedes “ in which schoolboys from Electrostal went on excursion. The bus belongs to the private company. According to the Vladimirskiy management GO and CHS, failure has occurred about 11 o`clock in the morning on turn between village Bulatnikovo and village Zimenki, in 24 kilometres from Murom. From - for a rain the road was slippery, and the driver has not managed to drive. The bus was not entered in abrupt external turn and has turned over. At Zimenok local residents consider turn as a damned place. There regularly there are failures. Two years ago on the same place the bus " has turned over; Ikarus “ with children.

the Call on the panel “ First aid “ cities of Murom has entered 11. 21. In the bus 46 persons - 9 adults and 37 children at the age from 10 till 15 years went. At failure 38 passengers have suffered. One child - ten years` Ivan Tsukanov - has died on the way to hospital of plural traumas. Six children have been delivered in the Murom city children`s hospital, one woman - 57 - the summer teacher - in railway otdelencheskuju hospital and more two women - mother and the daughter, 52 and 29 years - in traumatologic branch of the central city hospital. Other victims after they were examined by doctors, have been placed in two city hostels - “ Russia “ and “ the Harmony “. The driver has not suffered. The bus after it have lifted, has reached to Murom under the own steam.

the Suffered tourists have not wanted to remain in Murom. Their part has left a city by the bus given by the Murom city administration. Behind the others as soon as it became known about failure, the bus has left Electrostal. Both buses on territory of Vladimir region accompanied GAI cars, on border with Moscow - they have passed watch to local inspectors. For some children there have arrived by cars relatives.

By the evening in Murom there were only those whom have placed in hospital. Their native, arrived from Electrostal, have placed there and then in hospital. A status of children, according to doctors, average weight. Their traumas do not pose hazard to life: rezanye wounds of the person and hands, bruises, a brain concussion. Physicians assert that lethal exods will not be.

the Photo is given by a broadcasting company “ าย6 - Vladimir “.