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the Appointed governor will work more effectively

Governor Nikolay Vinogradov has spent traditional selector a press - conference. Here that he has told:

About purpose of governors
Than the governor appointed the President will be more effective than elite? Gamble in this case will stop from various opponents, including political. And powers at the head of the subject of Federation will be much more. So, there will be above an efficiency of its work. As to responsibility, that, I think, it remains to the same. Because the level of responsibility is defined not only by any formal criteria, it is defined by the relation to business.

In case of purpose of the governor the big responsibility will incur for a situation in the subject of Federation and the President. The system of election (purpose) of heads of local governments should be identical to election (purpose) of the head of the subject of Federation - I am convinced of it. Otherwise are different systems, and they are not joined.

About investments
On volumes of foreign investments Vladimir region takes the fourth place in the Central federal district. This year the gain of investments into fixed capital has made 19 %.

In Kirzhach the bookmark of the first stone in the factory basis on manufacture of a brick which the Austrian company " plans to construct is expected; Vinerberger . We carry on negotiations with Americans for joint glass manufacture.