Rus News Journal

Dig, Shura, dig!

in Vladimir region have found oil and gas! It directly and unambiguously on Tuesday on a press - conferences were declared by governor Nikolay Vinogradov. The pier, stocks definitely is, but here where burit and how much money for it to spend - while it is not known.

well, so burite, misters, burite! Also do not feel sorry on it money. Even very small oil well fine would brighten up to us life. Yes though all area through drill, let it from - for holes reminds Swiss cheese, but oil find!

However, muzhichki vladimirskiy sumlevajutsja And suddenly a setup? Perhaps geologists have casually drilled a little bit a slanting chink, directly under autorefuelling? Tests therefrom should be simply fantastic, here only extraction is inconvenient.

Ukraine here too, spoke, oil has found. And it has then appeared that that oil very quickly moves - in tanks by rail. And can, and truth to drill such ma - alenkie chinks to each gas station and to swing on hardly - hardly? Owners of refuellings for couple of months to themselves will buy later new jeeps, but in Vladimir to nurses in kindergartens at once twice it will be possible to lift the salary.

And still, speak, in Vladimir region when - that gold namyvali. In a memorial estate exposition even samples are. Here this vein to find! Interesting, it not in bank storehouses?