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Dealers have paid extra in footwear to the client 3 000 on medicines

As protected the rights murmanchane, dissatisfied with the goods and services

Let will return money for furniture and for my nerves!

Murmanchanka Elena has reserved in businessman Vladimir L kitchen set on 36560 roubles. Under treaty provisions, the woman has given to Vladimir half of sum - 18280 re - to day of purchase. And within 45 days the businessman should bring set to the customer. But that has decided to go to holiday. It was necessary to receive furniture before, and the woman has come to office - to discuss, a leah probably it.

In a hall she was met by the angered buyers. As they said, Vladimir already some times did not execute a condition of contracts. And the woman, without hesitation, has written the application for transaction cancellation.

the Businessman to return money and did not think. And a gossip of buyers is supposedly their personal revenge to it.

Elena was converted into May Day regional court. And at session, except furniture cost, has asked to compensate moral harm that could not cook food at home: old - that the woman dismantled furniture and technics! Plus has considered the nervous breakdown. In general, Elena has counted 10 000 roubles harm . However, the court cut down this sum to 2500, having obliged thus a private trader to return to the customer money for set.

That tells the law

Under law article 32 About protection of the rights of consumers (further - the law), the consumer has the right to refuse contract execution at any time under condition of payment to the executor of the expenses actually suffered by it connected with execution of obligations under the given contract .

Repairmen have paid to the mistress of the house for the work

Murmanchanka Olga was converted to the private businessman to Ekaterina U that that has employed a brigade of builders for repair in its new four-room apartment. Has brought a down payment - 49500 roubles - and has reserved materials for 113500 wooden . But masters have decided to save: have bought cheap glue. Wall-paper, a ceiling tile, newcomers plastic a plinth - all has appeared spoilt. Having recovered from shock, the mistress has decided to terminate the contract (to that neighbours who already were exhausted from noisy behaviour of masters were glad also).

As the mistress of firm has refused to alter something at own expense, Olga was converted into May Day court, having asked to collect from the businesswoman of 132 000 roubles for work, the penalty at a rate of 100 000 re, and more 20   000 - as compensation of moral harm. And the court has accepted its party.

That tells the law

Under article 14, the harm caused to life, health or consumer property, is subject to compensation if harm is caused during a target date of service or working life of the goods (work) .

sellers of boots treated the buyer for cold. At own expense

On the eve of autumn Konstantin K has bought in one of shopping centres of Murmansk for 5000 roubles autumn boots of a latest model. Happy, has decided to test a new thing in August, and during a downpour. And in couple of days, having stepped unintentionally in a pool, has felt: the footwear has typed waters.

Dohljupav to the house, has called at once in shop - guarantee - that term has not ended! Have the next day agreed with the adviser to meet, but here Konstantin was ill (has affected swimming on pools). And in some days when a grief - the buyer has reached - taki sellers, those have responded a tirade in the spirit of itself it is guilty . Directly at a counter have arranged the improvised examination of the goods which ostensibly proved fault of the buyer. Konstantin was converted into October court with the request for repeated examination and that the seller himself has paid it. Creaking heart, the director of department for footwear sale has agreed to lay out a cash. Following the results of the second examination employees of Open Company Murman - the test have come to a conclusion: in destiny of boots Konstantin is not guilty. And the court has obliged the seller free of charge to repair footwear (since damages have come to light during a warranty period). And still judges have obliged the owner of shoe department to compensate to the buyer moral harm - 3000 roubles - for the urged treatment for cold of which have accused fragile footwear.

And at this time

Having undersigned for the contract, severjanka could not make a complaint to the master

to Murmanchanka Anna With. Has decided to give itself a gift on birthday. Why not a fur cap? Took a skin of a polar fox for 1000 rbl. and has gone to the master. That has estimated work in 736 roubles.

In couple of days to Anna have already shown raskroennoe a product. The customer has signed the contract. And when has come on primerku - hair under a cap became on end: it was at all what it would be desirable!

Has demanded there was a material and money back, but in the answer to it have shown its signature on the contract on works: a pier, late the birdie has departed. Then severjanka has put in the statement in May Day court: asked to compensate moral harm (experiences from - for disputes with masters, and also the spoilt cap).

But the court has refused to Anna: after all she has subscribed under the contract, and to it have from the very beginning shown open the future product. 500 roubles of the state duty Were necessary to it to pay once again only.

That tells the law

Under law article 10, the manufacturer is obliged to give in due time to the consumer necessary and trustworthy information about the goods (works, services), providing possibility of their correct choice that, also it has been made in the case described by us.


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