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Toyota has overturned the truck

the Driver of a foreign car it is live, but has disappeared

On Tuesday at 16 o`clock approximately in kilometre from turn on settlement Sodyshka there was a failure in which result on an extended site of highway Moscow - Ufa was formed a stopper . It is More than hour a transport stream towards capital moved hardly - hardly.

Happens here that. Towards Nizhni Novgorod with a great speed the car " rushed; Toyota - Karolla which driver on not clear while to the reasons has left on an oncoming traffic strip. Towards, disturbing nobody, went ZIL loaded empty cylinders from - under carbonic acids. A foreign car and the truck have met therefore ZIL it was filled up sideways, and the Japanese car has turned to a breakage heap. At all thus... The driver Toyotas remained it is live! On a question Where it? Car inspectors have responded so:
- Has disappeared! Has escaped towards Sodyshki. We suspect that it is drunk.

Victims are not present. Services of the firemen who have arrived to the place of road accident were not necessary. And the driver who has disappeared from a place of accident for certain will be soon found. At militia to it weight of questions.

And At this time
On Tuesday on Big Moscow Volga ran into a metal fencing about cafe. All occurred about a trolleybus stop. By a lucky chance nobody has suffered. Under not confirmed data, at the driver Volga GAS - 21 there was an epilepsy attack.