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To pensioners promise painless replacement of privileges with money

Reform a lot of work will concern 35 thousand vladimirtsev

these days at social workers and employees of the Pension fund of a city of Vladimir. They make the general register of exempts, verify it with the data of departments of social protection of the population and the Pension fund and pass together with departmental registers in the Pension fund of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Health. It is necessary to define also pofamilno those who wishes to receive a social package of privileges in 2005. It includes preferential medicines, preferential sanatorno - resort vacation packages and preferential journey on transport.

What to do to exempts with the experience
In Vladimir over 90 thousand older persons. Almost 35 thousand persons since January, 1st, 2005 will receive instead of a natural privilege money from the Pension fund of the Russian Federation.

- to Come to us it is not necessary, - Tatyana Kovalkova - the chief of a municipal government of social policy speaks. - Each exempt will be necessarily brought in the register. If we will not have any data, we take them from the Pension fund database. If it will be insufficiently, to the exempt will phone or the social worker will come to see.

In Vladimir about 57 categories of the exempts, some of them now receive privileges on 2 - to 3 categories. Till January, 1st, 2005 it will need to be selected only one variant of privileges. The computer program with which help lists of exempts are made, is made so that she chooses most monetary a privilege. For example, to the person privileges as to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War and as to the invalid on the general disease rely. But if in the first case monetary payment makes 1550 roubles, and in the second - 950 roubles (plus social packages) it is clear with what will be a choice.

What to do to local exempts
While the authorities yet have not solved, monetizirovat Leah regional and local privileges - to veterans of the work, the subjected to repression citizens, addressees of children`s grants... But it is already known that the main privilege of veterans of work - 50 - percentage payment of habitation and utilities - will be saved and in 2005. According to Tatyana Kovalkovoj, financing have requested taking into account that this privilege will be saved. So local and regional exempts too have nothing to worry.

What to do new to exempts
to Townspeople, who will receive privileges after October, 1st (to pensioners, invalids), it is necessary to be registered in social policy management. Till December, 31st, 2004 they will receive privileges in a natural kind, and since January, 1st 2005 - go privileges will be replaced by monetary payments.

What to do to agents of national security
to the Pensioners receiving departmental pensions in the area of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, since January, 1st, 2005 of a privilege also will be replaced by monetary payments. Registers for transfer to the Pension fund now prepare. Exempts - agents of national security should inform necessarily how they want to receive money instead of privileges - through post offices or through branches of the Savings Bank of Russia.

How to choose a privilege
According to Tatyana Kovalkovoj, more close by New year pensioners should put in the statement, what kind of privileges they choose. It is possible to send it by mail or to pass the social worker. Will wish to pass from one preferential category in another, can make it and after January, 1st, 2005. And here if the person needs a privilege only on one basis, any statement it is not necessary to write to it.

As will receive money
Since January, 1st, 2005 money instead of privileges to pay simultaneously with pension - either in post offices, or in Savings Bank branches.

Any privilege will not be missed
Lyudmila Kolpakova - the head of department of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation in a city Vladimir:

- Dear veterans, do not worry, any privilege will not be missed. Everything that you received in full size, will be replaced by monetary payment. The pensioner himself chooses, he wants to buy what privilege for the money. By January, 1st, 2005 we are obliged to make the full register of addressees of monetary payment. And we will not pass any person.

2119 roubles
- the average size of pension in Vladimir.

to especially needing pensioners a city Pension fund together with social policy management render address material aid. For these purposes it is allocated 248 thousand roubles. Usually such payment does not exceed 500 roubles, but in exceptional cases it can be and more. For example, if money for paid operation are necessary or it is required to repair urgently apartment to the lonely grandmother.