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For what have beaten the schoolboy?

the vladimirskiy schoolboys hammer arrows from the first class

In edition the reader has called: After events in Beslan at the vladimirskiy school 31 have beaten the boy that it comes from caucasus . The reader named the address of the child. As well as it is necessary, the information of the reader was checked up by the correspondent.

On Monday, on September, 20th, to Rum - the pupil 5 in a class 31 - j the vladimirskiy school, boys from a parallel class have beaten. To rum beat four together or five together. Two offenders of Rum saw. The others beat behind.

As usual, after lessons the fifth classes of school poured out on a school porch. As have told in the commission on affairs of minors Lenin OVD, behind school at children has been appointed an arrow - the two fifth class were going to beat a parallel class.

Why fight, now to find out difficult has begun. Indications of participants school dismantlings disperse. Boys from 5 in a class have told class rukovoditelnitse that to Rum have beaten that it has interceded for the schoolmate whom were going to beat. And Rum says that behind Nikita has run up to it from 5 g has sharply developed to itself and has punched in the person. Between boys fight was fastened. According to Rominogo of offender Nikita, children all together followed school to sort out relations. Nikita has sat down to fasten a lace at a boot. Unintentionally behind it has pushed Rum. Then Nikita has struck it.

Sasha was connected To fight Rums and Nikitas from 5 g . Then one more boy has joined them from their class. Sasha and Nikita are engaged in boxing. Beat to Rum on - to the adult . Kicked behind, from a belt and more low. If Rum turned to give delivery, received a fist in the person.

Of fight observed Rominy schoolmates and boys from other classes. For it nobody has interceded. And nobody has called adults.

In the beginning of the seventh evening of Rum has come home. On a staircase of the boy the neigbour has seen. It stood in a dirty jumpsuit and with the broken person. Home the boy hesitated to go. This jumpsuit to it was bought by mum though in a family of money does not suffice. After fight on a suit does not remain a pure place.

Houses at Rums the head, soon its beginning toshnit was turned and to tear. Standing and the person there were bruises. Romina mum has called fast . The guy have taken away in hospital. The doctor on duty has suggested Rum to hospitalise and has called militia. In the boy have found out a brain concussion and displacement of vertebras. Mum has refused hospitalisation of the son.

in four years parents have given Treatment to Rum to gymnastics section. Then he was engaged karate and sambo-wrestling. And then the boy has preferred to struggle dances. In general, physical preparation at Rums quite good. Nevertheless, almost two weeks the boy has spent houses. On seven hundred roubles mum has bought to it of medicines. Houses to Rum were come to see by schoolmates. Brought fruit. One of boys even has expressed readiness to take away younger Rominu the sister from school. Seeing off on street of other schoolmate, Rum has asked: You all saw. Why to me has not helped? .

at school
After Sashu which have happened fighters and Nikita have called to the director of studies.
- at first boys have burst into tears, - the class teacher 5 " tells; in Svetlana Stanislavovna Guschin, - and then when I in a class talked to them, they have grinned and have told: Well also that. What to us for it will be? .

Sashu and Nikita will put on the account in branch on affairs of minors. Parents of fighters at first offered mum Rums money for treatment, and then their heat poostyl. The Class teacher 5 g It was converted to the trainer on boxing at which fighters are engaged, with the request not to suppose children before employment. But one of boys has told: Both was engaged, and I will be engaged .

- I on a broader scale - that can stand for myself. But them was more.

For what have beaten VERSIONS to Rum?
the version the first - national

Rum - the Georgian. According to mum, for it him beat in a class and earlier. But usually slightly, and it could be hidden from parents. The boy often called. To parents of Rum told nothing. Only to the mum`s girlfriend who could find with it common language, complained of school offenders who spoke: You of that to us have arrived to Russia, chernozh... .
From - for the nationalities suffers affliction not only Rum. To its schoolmate one girl has told: You the Tatar - and to me do not stick .

the Version the second - the age conflict
At this age the self-affirmation is peculiar to schoolboys. Quite often at the expense of force and fists. Besides, at this age children become especially cruel. According to teachers, Rum - the emotional child. He could neosoznanno provoke the conflict. Besides, children who beat him, study in a class of compensating training. They are children with difficult characters.

the Version the third - influence of gangster romanticism
As has told the director of studies of school 31 Tatyana Ivanovna Koroleva, after a film the Brigade schoolboys were overflowed by the gangster romanticism. Among schoolboys began fashionable to appoint arrows . On a question of teachers: What you here stand? or where you go? pupils it is proud responded: On to an arrow . What is an arrow and what for it appoint, first-graders know even. On arrows between children often there are fights. The name obliges.

the Version the fourth - the class of compensating training is protected
to Rum children from a class of compensating training have beaten. It is said that at school of pupils of this class consider as mediocrities. About it obviously do not speak, but all know a difference between classes under letters and and g .

How to save the child from fight?
Lydia Pitchugin - the director of the centre of practical psychology:

- In any incident there is a provocative moment. Means, the child needs to teach be not to provoked the conflict. As it to make, recommendations to give difficult. Teenagers sort out relations the first alarm system - hands and feet. Parents should teach to communicate, talk, behave the child in collective. With children it is necessary to carry out trainings how to behave in various situations. If the child had a conflict situation at school, parents need to be converted behind consultation to the psychologist.