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Not on a shop to us to sit!

the vladimirskiy pensioners from youth Recreation centre bathe in an ice-hole and run on snow barefoot

all the September long about lake Deep are engaged in gymnastics and bathe in the cooled down water pensioners. Grandmothers of obviously old age, but keep the good fellow. It has appeared, it is group of health of Recreation centre of youth.

In health group 43 persons are written down. Constantly to be engaged go three ten. Till October of the active worker of group practise in Country park: do body exercises, exercises and bathe. Later they will continue employment in Recreation centre.

In the street there are more 12 degrees of heat. Water, perhaps, even colder. 66 - summer Galina Ivanovna Lapshin and 75 - summer Valentina Vasilevna Gerasimov have vigorously thrown off jackets, sports trousers and T-shirts. Remained in one bathing suits, women have run in water.

- it is not cold? - I ask them, getting into the jacket more deeply.
- Not so, - Galina Ivanovna has responded.

In sports trousers and in one T-shirt with short sleeves on the bank of lake Valentina Semenovna Romashkova was kneaded.

- And to you it is not cold? It is possible and to do gymnastics in clothes.
- All of us time undressed are engaged. And I barefoot on snow run in the winter.

to Grandmothers from 60 also is more senior. To the most adult sportswoman in group - 85 years. In health group all pensioners are engaged not the first year. well not on a shop to us to sit - they have categorically declared to me.

Many of them were engaged in amateur sports and earlier. Galina Ivanovna Lapshin did not pass any competitions in an operating time in jashchurnom institute. Has retired - has registered in health group.
- the physical culture strengthens very well nervous system, - Galina Ivanovna continues, - will work, all problems leave.

Valentina Vasilevna Gerasimov too all life is engaged in sports. In 1980 in one of local newspapers she has read about the vladimirskiy group of walruses. I have looked at them, they are usual people, - tells Valentine Vasilevna. - Well and itself has jumped in an ice-hole. And so continued 19 years - since morning of five kilometres on Semjazino with a dog, then bathing, and run back .

75 years to Valentina Vasilevne in any way you will not give. She stretches out and accepts a lotus pose. Now in the mornings she does not run. But always does body exercises: early in the morning, when follows water on a key - respiratory gymnastics on Strelnikovoj, is engaged in yoga at home, and then goes to health group - to communicate.

Valentina Romashkova.

Valentina Semenovna Romashkova runs barefoot in the winter.
- it is especially good, when snow fresh will drop out and on an ankle nametet.

Pensioners meet not only on employment. Together they celebrate 8 Martha and New year. Drink self-made berry wines, go behind blue clay which treat all illnesses. Valentina Semenovna reduces wart clay, zhiroviki and takes with it a bath. Very much pensioners like to drink together tea from grasses.

In Recreation centre the health group starts to be engaged from 9 mornings on Mondays, environments and Fridays. Employment go one hour. The gymnastics include exercises by a technique of Narbekova and gymnastics - shi Majgi Gulan. Finish employment traditionally: meditate and read aloud a rhyme:
I am beautiful, I am rich,
I am favourite, I love,
I in what it is not guilty,
I happy can be.

And then sing a song: If you want to be healthy - become tempered