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In Omsk will judge the deputy who has bitten the policeman

Two years ago directly in a court yard of Kljuchevsky administration   the young head of settlement has arranged bullfight with representatives of the power.

Versions of participants of fight contradicted each other. Ivanov asserted that police (then still militiamen) began to take out illegally from a building of administration computers. And have then beaten the deputy resisting to such lawlessness. Guards asserted that all was lawful - computers were withdrawn, as could become the proof not to Oleg Ivanov`s absolutely lawful activity. And the head of settlement has snatched on militiamen and even has managed to bite one of them for a finger.

On light there were at once two statements – one from Oleg Ivanov, another from policemen … ( is more detailed about this history read here )

-   by the Consequence it is established that in May – June, 2008 of Ivans, abusing trust of the local resident, has illegally demanded to list 105 thousand roubles on the settlement account of administration of Kljuchevsky rural settlement for the help in the decision of a question on granting in ground area rent under building of individual habitation with its subsequent registration in the property. – Larissa Boldinova has informed the senior assistant administrator of Investigatory committee. - Despite transfer of the money resources, suffered ground area has not received. Also Ivanov accuse of plunder of 18 thousand roubles. It has collected this money from inhabitants on payment of fictitious receipts for habitation service.

- Besides Ivanov has shown active resistance to the police officers who have spent on the instructions of the inspector survey of a premise   in administrations of Kljuchevsky rural settlement and withdrawal of computer technics. – Larissa Boldinova continues. - On March, 11th, 2010 Ivanov from personal aversions has beaten 66 - the summer public legal expert who was in settlement Keys in connection with performance of public duties.

Now former head Kljuchej accuse under three articles of the criminal code - excess of powers of office, a beating and rendering of resistance to representatives of the power. Business will consider Omsk district court. At the most severe for Oleg Ivanov the decision, it is threatened with some years of a colony.