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Lomberts - in a satisfactory status

the Command from Petersburg has drawn yesterday with citizens of Kazan - 1:1. For Zenith Sabolch Husti, for " has caused a stir; the Ruby - attacking Valdes.

the Match was saddened by Nicolas Lombertsa`s trauma. After a canopy in another`s penal, the Belgian wanted to play a head on an advancing. But instead of a ball on its way there was a head of Paraguayan Valdesa which has come to help the defence. Two players have faced foreheads and have fallen.

Spectators have gasped.

the Judge has stopped game, Lomberts and Valdes from a lawn did not rise. The medical brigade has in the field run out. Players have carried away on a stretcher. Also have sent in one of the Petersburg hospitals.

And here Lombertsu have put dignoz a brain concussion .

- At the moment the defender is in a satisfactory status, complete recovery terms will be defined later, - informs a press - service sine - is white - blue.

By the way, Valdes left on replacement in the second time. And it is active enough. At once has hammered. Possibly, the Paraguayan had a desire success to fix. But has not converged. On a tentative estimation, at it too concussion mogza.