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China will urge the North Korea to refuse companion start

China intends to urge to refuse the North Korea start of the artificial companion of the Earth. The authorities of Heavenly Empire believe that such step from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea can bring to nothing all efforts on renewal of negotiations on a nuclear question, besides, it will affect a situation on the Korean peninsula.

« Expressing deep concern, the management of China has declared that will urge Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to refuse start of the companion and to concentrate on improvement of life of simple people » - quotes « Interfax » words of the senior official of presidential security service of China Kim That He.

It is remarkable that in a rating of nuclear security of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea occupies last line. The list of the states having nuclear fuel or other materials which can be used for creation of the nuclear weapon, the American non-governmental organisation « has made; Nuclear Threat Initiative ».

« Australia has won first place, having typed 94 points from 100 possible, the North Korea has appeared at the very end of a rating, on 32 place, having typed only 37 points from 100 of - for refusal to follow the international nuclear standards » - quotes agency of the message of mass-media.