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Permjakam have written off debts under taxes to the sum of 366 million roubles


Tax inspections of the Perm edge have written off debts of physical persons under taxes, fines and the penalties, formed for January, 1st, 2009 (such is the requirement of the Federal law from 21. 11. 2011 ¹ 330 - FZ).

the written off debts have made All 366,1 million roubles. Under the transport tax it is written off 230,2 million roubles, under the tax to incomes of physical persons - 56,4 million roubles, under the ground tax - 11,9 million roubles, under the tax to property - 59,4 million roubles.

to Receive the information on debts under taxes and to check up, debts are written off or not, it is possible with the help on - line service   « Learn the debts »   on site UFNS on the Perm edge. Also about debts it is possible to learn by phones call - a command control centre 211 - 17 - 47, 8 - 800 - 100 - 59 - 01   (a call free) and by means of a cash dispense « The Savings Bank » (for this purpose it is necessary to type the INN in section « Penalties, taxes, state duties »).

telecommunications operator Utel on the basis of the agreement with UFNS offers the clients possibility of reception of the information on debts by means of SMS. For this purpose it is necessary 9111 to send on number SMS an INN (blank) ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕ (where H figures of the personal INN). Service paid.