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South Korea can destroy the North Korean rocket if that sheers

South Korea can bring down the North Korean rocket if that sheers. Before the power of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have informed on plans in the middle of April to start the artificial companion of the Earth in honour of century Kim Ir of Hay, the state founder.

« We prepare for tracing a trajectory of flight of the rocket, and to bring down it if suddenly it deviates the planned course and will fall to our territory » - quotes « Interfax » words of the representative of the Minister of Defence of South Korea.

Seoul is disturbed by that the first missile stage will fall in Yellow sea between South Korea and China. The authorities of republic are afraid that it can fall to their territories.

Against rocket start Japan acts also. « If the North Korea does not refuse plans on rocket start, this country, thus, will refuse efforts under the decision by dialogue of serious problems, - the prime minister - the minister of the country Josihiko Noda has declared. - rocket Start on purpose to put into orbit the companion is obvious infringement of resolutions of UNSF and will threaten the world and stability in region ».

Earlier Russia and the USA have declared intention to give to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea a signal about necessity to refrain from rocket start.