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In Ufa on sanobrabotku will close five maternity homes

In akusherskih branches and maternity hospitals this year will spend again special obrabotyku, better to say,   - pomyvku.

- will Put things in order in them it agree to the schedule, - have explained in it is information - analytical department of a city administration.

Maternity home/ akusherskoe branch


Akushersky   branch   hospitals 3

since April, 16th   on   on June, 18th, 2012

Maternity hospital 3

since June, 18th on   on July, 16th, 2012

Akushersky branch of hospital 8

since July, 16th   on   on August, 13th, 2012

Clinical   maternity hospital 4   year                                        

since August, 13th   on   on September, 17th, 2012

clinic BGMU Maternity hospital

since September, 17th   on   on December, 17th, 2012