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Policemen in Nizhni Novgorod are urgently alarmed

Early in the morning staff GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Privolzhsky Federal district has arrived on the workplaces in an emergency order.

- according to plan taktiko – special doctrines in 06. 00 policemen of Central administrative board have been alarmed. During construction on a parade-ground the chief of a district Central board the general - the lieutenant of police A.N.Taranov has personally checked up staff gathering, equipment of employees and arms, - informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on PFO.

After carrying out of front review the motorcade with policemen was put forward in area of doctrines. On military range of a body of Bogorodsky of area of the Nizhniy Novgorod region working off and check of skills of actions of police officers at attack reflexion on the pedestrian column, following by a march to a performance place sluzhebno - a fighting problem have been spent.

About when there will be an attack on a column who from participants of doctrines did not know.   having carried out of a fighting problem, and having beaten off an attack of the prospective opponent 3 platoons were put forward in the basic area where heads of the Central board have spent detailed analysis of the first stage of studies, marking   pluses and minuses at performance of this or that problem.

further field investigators perfected the skill at shooting from Kalashnikov`s automatic machine on moving and suddenly appearing targets. Then actions at special action performance on detention and liquidation of the armed criminals in a building and to clearing of hostages have been fulfilled.

Andrey Nikolaevich has noted necessity of a practical training as at carrying out of operative actions employees of Central administrative board frequently face rendering of resistance from criminals and should be ready not only physically, but also morally - psychologically to attack reflexion. General Taranov has underlined that employees of a district Central board constantly leave in business trips to the North Caucasus for rendering of the practical help in maintenance of protection of the law and order and struggle against criminality. And carrying out taktiko - special doctrines will allow to carry out all tasks in view successfully.