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From - for a high water in the Volgograd region will disassemble pontoon bridges

more very few - and the Volgograd region « will float ». And the first will open the small rivers - the She-bear and Khoper. The part of territories will be impounded.

- For all time of a high water we should disassemble some pontoon bridges, - have told «» in management of highways of the Volgograd regional administration . – It is the urged necessity, differently these bridges will be seriously hurt and will become unfit for use. And money for such repair in treasury it is not planned. We will put bridges in zatony, and those pieces of a way which they connected, will be closed for movement.


What roads will close:

- the Entrance from a highway New Nikolaev - Uryupinsk - Nehaevsky - Krasnopole - Manino to farm Zahopersky (the bridge through the river Khoper in Nehaevsky area).

- the Entrance from a highway of Zhirnovsk - Rudnja - Vjazovka - Mikhailovka - Kumylzhensky - Veshensky to village Egorovka - on - the She-bear (the bridge through the river Medveditsav Rudnjansky area).

- the Entrance from a highway Uryupinsk - May Day to farm Bubnovsky (the bridge through the river Hoperv Urjupinsky area).

- the Entrance from a highway Mikhailovka - Danilovka - Kotovo to a village (the bridge through the river the She-bear in Danilovsky area).