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The majority of Estonian schoolboys as the second foreign language choose Russian

About 40 graduates of the Tallinn real school have passed on Thursday, on March, 29th, testing on Russian as foreign (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) at the European level B1.

the Head of Institute of Pushkin located in Estonian capital, professor Andrey Krasnoglazov asserts that examination on level B1 difficult enough and volume. This level is considered necessary and sufficient to begin study in any Russian high school. Examination includes five subtests.

It is traditionally spent in two days and two stages: at first leksiko - the grammatical test, and then already the test for possession of informal conversation.

As practice of the Tallinn Institute of Pushkin if grammar-school boys have well acquired the school program they in 90 % of cases are tested successfully shows. After all to 12 class pupils, according to requirements of the Ministry of science and education of Estonia, should reach in knowledge of the second foreign language of level B1.

the Majority of Estonian schoolboys as the second foreign choose Russian.

to Hand over the test for knowledge of Russian - long-term tradition at the Tallinn real school. Together with the document on the termination of a grammar school to graduates it is handed over and it is international recognised certificate TORFL, informs « Capital ».