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The Voronezh governor for a year has earned more than six millions roubles

Alexey Gordeyev and his wife   Tatyana have reported about incomes for past 2011 - j. Judging by the declaration, the Voronezh governor has earned 6 million 322 thousand 248 roubles of 18 copecks. Tatyana Gordeevoj`s income has made hardly more 1,6 million roubles.

- Besides, the head of region posesses apartment the area of 127 square metres, garage in 31,4 square metres and two mashinomesta on eight metres everyone, - have informed in the regional government .

at the spouse   Alexey Vasilevicha is   three ground areas a total area of 20 thousand square metres, apartment (it is more, than at the husband - 250 with small squares ) And two places under the car.  

Alexey Gordeyev`s Special pride - three retro - the car: GAS - 20 Victory M - 403 the Muscovite and GAS - 69. As have separately noted in the government, all property of spouses is in Russia.

By the way, for a year Tatyana Gordeevoj`s income rather has fallen.   and here at the governor -   has increased almost on one and a half million roubles. And while Alexey Gordeyev - the most well-founded among others   heads of Chernozem region. So, its Kursk the colleague Alexander Mihajlov and the Belgorod Evgenie Savchenko have earned less two millions roubles, orlovets Alexander Kozlov - an order of 3,5 million. Lipetsk and Tambov governors have not reported yet, but in 2010 - m their incomes all the same were much less.