Rus News Journal

Large consignment of drugs have detained on Kuban

Criminals in the Caucasian area tracked down for a long time. Drug dealers observed all measures of conspiracy – once a week changed phone numbers, worked only with well checked up clients. According to field investigators, drugs from the next regions were delivered. Clients came from all edge.

Policemen needed half a year for an establishment of places of storage of drugs. Not to miss any of participants of a gang policemen simultaneously have spent 17 searches. 16 persons are as a result detained. 5 from them as guards believe, were organizers, the others - intermediaries. Almost all drug dealers are more senior 35 years, earlier they were already involved in a criminal liability for grave crimes, such as robberies and robberies.

3 kg of a poppy Withdrawn from arrested persons with an impurity makovoj straws, 30 g marihuana and 10 g heroin will minister the conclusive proof of their fault on court. Now on offenders 6 criminal cases under article 228 are got. 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation - illegal acquisition and storage of drugs. The maximum punishment which threatens narkodilleram, – till 12 years of imprisonment, informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on edge.