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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova was threatened with resignation

with Deputies of the parliamentary Commission on national security, to defence and a public order are dissatisfied with work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and even threaten minister Alexey Rojbu with resignation.

On Wednesday the Commission has heard representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs concerning the protests organised by Party of communists on February, 3rd, from - for which Commission work has been blocked.

Deputy minister Yury Keptenaru has informed that nine participants of the action from 30 are revealed and the consequence proceeds.

the Chairman of the Commission Alexander Stojanoglo has reprimanded representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the frivolous approach to work.

- This mockery. You have in the Ministry of Internal Affairs tens structures, and cannot reveal 25 - 30 persons for two months? You have tens policemen in parliament, really they could not isolate the protesting? If you so lightly concern us, parliamentary structure, how you solve problems of ordinary citizens? , - Stojanoglo was indignant.

the Deputy from Liberally - Ion Butmelaj democratic party has added that the protesting which have rushed into parliament represent well organised group which pickets that parliament, the Constitutional court, other state institutions .

- the Shame that you did not identify these people, - he has underlined.

not Joined deputy Mihaj Godja considers that is necessary to reconsider structure of official bodies .

- SIB should know in advance about preparation of such protests, the Ministry of Internal Affairs - also, and they should take preliminary measures. I suggest to express a vote of no confidence to minister Alexey Rojbu. Let will come to parliament and if deputies consider it necessary, it will be dismissed,     - Godja has told.

In the end the Commission has put forward the ultimatum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Office of Public Prosecutor so that they have revealed within a week of all protesting which have prevented carrying out of session of the Commission on February, 3rd.

on February, 3rd 30 supporters PKRM accompanied by deputies Arthur Reshetnikova and Michael Half-Jansky blocked activity of the Commission on national security, defence and a public order within an hour. They scanned: Down with the Alliance! and resignation! and also offended deputies present at session.