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Hip - hop executor Dzhigan in Irkutsk: I Will take away to myself home a keg with omulem

rapper Dzhigan has arrived To Irkutsk only per day. Having taken rest a pair of clocks after flight in hostel, the capital visitor has appeared suddenly on a visit in «».  

- I on a broader scale very much like to sleep, and here also a difference in time, very much coffee would be desirable, - directly from a threshold Denis Ustimenko - Vajnshtein (a real name of the singer &ndash admitted; a comment avt).

the House guy – we have thought all edition. And it is dressed, at all on - star: dark sports trousers, tolstovka …

- Always knew that I will become the singer. Even at school when asked whom I will be, responded: « the Actor » - has started to answer questions of journalists hip - hop - the executor.   by the way, Dzhigan Denis Ustimenko - Vajnshtein has received a pseudonym thanks to album Ice - T O. G (Original gangster) which it as - that has brought in the youth party in Odessa and to that that, carried with itself a pistol for self-defence. Have connected, it has turned out GeeGun. High-grade career of the singer has begun, when it has moved to Moscow. Has sung a duet with eks - soloist VIA « Gra » Anna Sedakovoj. Then there was teamwork with Julej Savichevoj and Jeanne Friske.

Even sports could not move bent for to music, and it is a lot of merits of the singing athlete. He is a master of sports, the silver prize-winner of Europe on a kickboxing and the champion of Ukraine on hand-to-hand fight.

- I on - former train. I consider that sports – it is excellent training of character and spirit, - the rapper has noted.

After conversation in a press - the centre «» Dzhigan at once has gone to Baikal.

- That the most interesting when I have arrived to capital and has rented there apartment, on one of shelves there was a small empty keg with an inscription « Omul ». I why - that essentially did not throw out it. Now at me new apartment and there I will bring a full keg of your Baikal small fish from Irkutsk, - the singer smiles.

the Full version of interview read on our site tomorrow.

Dzhigan in a press - the centre
the Photo: Irina BUTAKOVA