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The Byelorussian can learn, a leah is it in black the list not eligible to travel abroad, only on border


the Information about « black » the list not eligible to travel abroad now stirs each Byelorussian. Anyway those who though sometimes crosses border. It appears, now guarantees of unobstructed hit for limits of the country are not present at anybody. Not podstrahuet even the inquiry of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that you out of the list, given out the day before.

- While the person has received this inquiry and follows in an admission frontier point, during 2 - 3 hours any body can consider the problem on statement of this person in the given base, - informs Interfax. by words of representative GPK of Belarus.

we Will remind, in March a number of oppositional politicians and journalists is included in the list not eligible to travel abroad. And the president of Belarus in interview to TV channel Russia today has declared that the authorities of Belarus intend to enter « on full power « the list not eligible to travel abroad » citizens. On a question on, a leah such list is created, Lukashenko has responded: « And we have made. And that, we yet have not entered it. On full power yet have not entered. But we will enter ».