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Voronezhtsy can check quality of road repair

the Mayoralty declared reception of messages on poor-quality repair of city roads. Now ljudoj the townspeople can send on electronic mail aiguz@cityhall. voronezh - city. ru complaints to hack-work dorozhnikov. We will remind, in the autumn and even in the beginning of winter nekotrye masters in a hurry drove the plan — put asphalt directly in pools and even under snow. Voronezhtsev it revolted also they regularly complained to us and in goradministratsiju. Then officials assured that will not accept poor-quality work, and a road condition will check up in the spring. And here hour H has come.  

- Now we spend defektovku roads, - have told to us in the mayoralty. - the special commission goes round streets, kororye have been repaired by contractors and are on warranty service.

  If on these roads defect its builders at own expense will eliminate is found out. And not to pass hack-work — cracks, hollows, a peeling, the mayor has suggested voronezhtsam to become controllers too.

  - For correct registration of the demand it is necessary to adhere destruction to the concrete address (house number, the organisation name). It is recommended to attach also to the letter a defect photo, - have told in the mayoralty. - all wishes of townspeople concerning repair of other city roads are brought in the plan of work for year.


  the List of the streets which are on warranty service:

  road on with. Repnoe

street Petrozavodsk

street Chapaeva

Dostoevsky`s street

street Pirogova

street of Machine engineers

Lebedev`s street

street Uritsky

street Leningrad

road   Voronezh - a Novovoronezh

street Koltsovsky

K.Libknehta`s street

street Pushkarsky

the lane Pushkarsky

the lane Turkmen

street the Birchwood

street of Defense of Revolution

a highway between pendant and foot bridges on the Old Chernavsky dam

avenue of Patriots (from MUP « Voronezhliftremont to street Krivosheina)

street Krivosheina

street of Miners,

street the Soldier`s field

street on January, 9th (from street Koltsovsky to street Gas)

street F. Engels

street Kardashova

street Theatrical

street Srednemoskovsky

street Big Streletsky

street of 20 years VLKSM

Charles Marx`s street

street Big Manezhnaja

street Ordzhonikidze

street of Revolution of 1905

street Pjatnitsky

street Baturinsky

Durov`s street

street of Communards

street Taranchenko

street Cavalry

Voroshilov`s street

Leninsky prospect

street Stankevicha

the Revolution prospectus

the lane Quiet

street Solar (from street Holzunova to street Running)

street 45 p. of the Division (from Moscow pr - that to street Shishkov)

street Armored

street of 40 years of October

Lydia Rjabtsevoj`s street

street Uryvsky

street of Kuibyshev

street Krasnoznamennaja (from street Cheljuskintsev to the Department of Internal Affairs of Lenin area/ d 2)

street Leningrad

the Work prospectus (from street Solar to street on January, 9th)

street Poljakova

Panfilov`s street

street Mendeleyev

street of Cosmonauts

street Solar (from pr - that of Work before journey Clear)

street Kislovodsk

Pisarev`s street

street Bryansk

Karpinsky`s street

journey Kislovodsk

the Health lane (the Central area)

Tsiolkovsky`s street (from the lane of Honours pupils to Tupolev`s street)

street Ostuzheva (from Lenin pr - that to ultupoleva)

street on January, 25th

Odintsov`s street

Artamonov`s street

journey from street on January, 9th to houses 292 - 294

the lane Alder

street Kalacheevsky