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From hands of the predator which was braided by the pensioner, could suffer and others saratovtsy

One of these days in settlement Agafonovka it was possible to detain the dangerous predator. 24 - the summer guy has attacked the woman, has some times knocked her on the head and has taken away a handbag. The criminal has braided and with own hand the husband of the victim delivered in a police station. 61 - the summer man has not become puzzled and has rushed in a pursuit on the car. ( read details : In Saratov the pensioner has braided the predator and itself has brought it to police branch).

- it is possible that others have suffered from hands of the predator also saratovtsy. The guy obviously left « on hunting » not in the first, at it have found out a knife. We ask to declare in police of all who has learnt the criminal, - have told to the correspondent « in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area.

Townspeople ask to be converted by phone: 8(8452) 20 - 19 - 17 , 8(8452) 27 - 99 - 70 or 02 .

the Predator the pensioner
has braided the Photo: it is given GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Saratovskeoj of area