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To the halfback nalchan have broken a nose, and attacking disqualified

Today a match « Spartak - Nalchik » - « Tom` » starts 37 - j tour of the championship of Russia in the Prime minister - league. In a duel of two main applicants on « a departure » from elite of domestic football owners not be helped some by leading players.

In the previous duel with « Rostov » the trauma was received by halfback Alesksej Skvernjuk to whom in one of antagonisms have broken a nose. Also in a command infirmary there are defenders Milan Jovanovich and Astemir Sheriev, havbeki Kantemir Berhamov and Evgenie Chebotaru, the attacking Arsene Goshokov. Will not help this time to companions and other forward – David Siradze, « earned » chetyrehmatchevuju disqualification « for aggressive behaviour » in an ill-starred match with « Rostov ».

As experts speak in such cases, today at stadium in capital Kabardino - Balkarii fight will go not for three, and at once for six points. We will remind that « gladiators » now occupy penultimate, 15 - oe the place, and the Siberian collective and at all closes the tournament register. And consequently it is expected that battle of direct competitors for « a place in the sun » will be rather hot.

Other North Caucasian command – « Terek » on Sunday, on first of April, in Perm will measure swords with « Amkarom ».


« Spartak - Nalchik » and « Volga » will play one day later. Originally the meeting of these rivals within the limits of 39 - go tour of superiority of the country should take place 14 - go April, but in connection with employment Nizhniy Novgorod « rechnikov » in a semi-final of the Cup of the Russian Federation, a duel have transferred on 15 - oe April.