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On work 71 % samartsev

  like to joke;

By day of laughter the service of researches of company HeadHunter has interviewed, in which 237 respondents from Samara, about jokes on work have taken part. It was found out that 71 % of workers of the Samara companies at least sometimes play a trick on colleagues. 29 % of employees consider that on service it is better to manage jokes.

thus 23 % of the interrogated, 39 % Thus have regularly a good time from time to time dare to joke of colleagues, and 9 % seldom release jokes. More often than others as humorists at office men &ndash act; 79 %, truth and among women of lovers to joke it is not much less – 61 %. Basically hohmjat people from 25 till 30 years.

Why the Samara workers like to play a trick the friend on the friend?

59 % - to discharge intense conditions in collective;

12 % - from - for boring works also it is necessary to amuse all only;

Every fifth likes to joke on work and cannot without it.

Why samartsy do not joke on work?

59 % - do not like it to do;

23 % - consider that on work   not to jokes;

12 % - consider that on work to joke dangerously.

the Most popular office jokes –   these are jokes with participation of the chief (17 %). For example, when the employee ostensibly call to the boss or ask to execute the management order about which that knows nothing.

  « Have told that the chief declared tomorrow the working day, and actually the day off. I have been discouraged, when have arrived for work through a snow-storm and frosts... »


According to 13 % samartsev, pranks with office technics are peculiar to their collective: for example, when kofemashina gives out « the Cook - kolu » Or when in the printer instead of a paper frank photos lie.

« At the boss on prompt of the working computer has put a chess field, and all shortcuts has built as a game of chess … a checkmate ! »


In addition, office workers of Samara like to shift things of colleagues or the heads to other employees, in a lavatory or to throw to a management.

« After a monthly delay of the salary all mice from computers at office have hidden and have left a note Mice have left in other company where feed " is better; ».

« To my colleague have pasted footwear to a floor, and still all its writing devices have thrust in a ceiling ».


According to 12 % interrogated samartsev, simple verbal jokes and jokes also are popular in collective.

  « Has told to all department that all are fined for labour discipline non-observance (ostensibly called from the main office and saw in chambers as are late and employees are late during a dinner) ».