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In the Polar region have chosen two main beauties at once

Xenia ShCherbakova (21 year) and Valery Peredruk (15 years) will go to submit Moscow

14 participants of prestigious review have passed a strict casting and voting of televiewers. And on Friday have appeared before jury on gala - a competition concert. Girls twisted the bodies finished to an ideal east dances, showed receptions in carat, read verses, sang

- the Jury was quickly defined with a three of finalists, - the general director - Murmansk " has told about secrets of voting; Michael Skoda (our newspaper is included traditionally into jury). - And round the one who becomes the main beauty, disputes have inflamed.

Eventually, the second vitse - Ms. became Karina Nasonov, the first Ekaterina Altukhov, and a crown Beauty of the Polar region - 2007 has got 21 - summer murmanchanke to Xenia ShCherbakovoj. But there was still a surprise. This year for the first time handed over a rank Young Beauty of the Polar region - 2007 . It has got 15 - summer murmanchanke Valerii Peredruk. It appears, such ranks began to hand over in many regions to girls, worthy victories, but too young - from 15 till 17 years.

- Why almost victory? - has taken offence young bestowal when we have congratulated her yesterday by phone. - I the same winner.

- So how much at us the first beauties? - We have asked organizers of competition.

- the Main winner is a title holder Beauty of the Polar region . And Young Beauty - a rank the honourable and granting same right to represent region at national competition Beauty of Russia - the director of competition Sergey Veremej has explained. - It presumably will pass in July.

In the second lycee where studies Valery Peredruk, on an honour roll have already hung up its photo. Teachers have congratulated the beauty - personally and marks for the third quarter. Despite terrible congestion and the admission of employment from - for rehearsals, Valery has received only good and excellent estimations.

- was very tired, - the young beauty has shared. - I have noticed victory by that has dared to stay simply at home and not to go anywhere.

- It at me the clear head! Lera has got used to be since the childhood always self-assured. Therefore on competition to give it was not afraid. I after all if that, from special troops, - the father Valerys smiles.

hands have hardly sufficed to carry away all flowers and gifts Valerys. Among them - a vacation package to Scandinavia, sets of cosmetics, a map of discounts (including the check for 15 thousand roubles for purchases in a hypermarket and on one thousand roubles - in jewelry store) and the camera from our edition. After all Valery has received a title Ms. of a press giving thanks SMS and the Internet - to voting of our readers. Have chosen it and visitors of regional dramatic theatre then to the girl have handed over also a title Ms. of spectator sympathies .

And winner Xenia ShCherbakova, as she said, has endured the big stress:

- At night before competition from - for stirrings I did not sleep almost, have risen in six mornings, besides me have blown: the temperature has begun and the throat was ill, - has shared with us Beauty almost breaking voice. - therefore and to celebrate especially it was not possible. But for me madly rejoiced native, and one girl-friend long sobbed about happiness and said that loves me.

Xenia ShCherbakova already tried forces in this competition three years ago. It was not possible Then to defeat, and it has made right conclusions.

- Became more self-assured, smiled more, worked over gait and a figure, - the girl admitted. - on how much has grown thin, I will not tell, but refused to myself in many respects: sweet, fat, a supper after six. So after late wearisome rehearsal not to think of hunger, at once went to bed.

Xenia masters an unusual speciality - the teacher - defektologa on work with children with the limited abilities. However, works in other sphere: makes furniture projects to order.

As prizes, except cosmetics and maps of discounts, it managed the check for 5000 roubles in jeweller salon and a vacation package in any country of the world at will. Was glad for the girlfriend and its young man, di - dzhej radio stations Nehru + Anton Fedorov.

- Now my dream, - has shared the beauty, - to establish a family and to get children

TTH Xenias ShCherbakovoj

Age - 21 year.
growth - 176 see
Weight - 56 kg.
the chest - 86 see
the Waist - 62 see
Hips - 93 see

Zodiac sign: the Sagittarius.

TTH Valerii Peredruk

Age - 15 years.
growth - 172 see
Weight - 50 kg.
the chest - 85 see
the Waist - 60 see
Hips - 89 see

Zodiac sign: Scales.