Rus News Journal

The bear

On “ serebrjanke “ the mushroom picker has met a bear

Unless something can be more pleasant, than a campaign behind mushrooms and berries. Here and I love this business strongly as soon as the case - in wood stands out at once. And process fascinating, and then, already houses, each fungus - as memoirs. However the brightest impression at me was saved at all from quantity of the found russulas and krasnogolovtsev.

Once we with friends have gone on next “ silent hunting “. Have gone on unlimited kilometre of Serebrjansky highway by two cars. The place has appeared quite mushroom, and we have dispersed around ozerka. All have gone to one party, I - in another: in wood I am guided well so to be lost to me did not threaten. I think - now one - that I will type more, than all of them together taken.

Has gone. Here already and their voices have calmed down behind trees, and mushrooms began to come across. I go to myself, I cut pomalenku, air I breathe. Under a bush I see a perfect family of aspen mushrooms.

Beauty indescribable. Has sat down, only was going to cut off, as suddenly from - for bushes the horrible roar was distributed. A bear! It it was not visible, but it is audible - still as! It seemed, even its breath is felt. What to do, where to disappear?! At the big desire the bear in few seconds could snatch on me, be I though the world champion in sprint. What there mushrooms, what “ silent hunting “ - here extraction not to become. Silently - it is silent, on all fours I start to move back back, and in a head memoirs on the lived life already turn. The wild animal continues to roar from - for bushes, and I - quietly to crawl away. Already it having appeared on impressive distance from ill-starred bushes that is to spirit has rushed to the car. Before it has loudly shouted - the bear has responded growl. It was already far. I have reached the car and two hours long-sufferingly waited there for the friends. This day I any more did not collect mushrooms. It was ceased to want suddenly …

Alexey Alekseev, Murmansk.

Has become painful

Lawns should be protected from cars borders!

Hi, “ I the person not disputed, but should share indignation. Each of us walks the streets and for certain notices, how many cars cost on sidewalks recently! Unless it is places for parking? Here, for an example, the house นน 1/ 15 and 3 on street Guards. There quantity of a car and on proezzhej parts, and on sidewalk above all mylimyh limits. Women with babies yes older persons are urged to leave on proezzhuju a part, risking to be brought down. Drivers react to fair remarks aggressively. I remember, saw, how once any motorist has called in on sidewalk and is assured rolled on it directly towards to mum with the kid. The girl has been urged to make way for it “ to the knight on a fighting game “. How to you such culture of driving? If at infringers of traffic there is no conscience so it is necessary though forces of traffic police to put things in order. All sidewalks you will not follow, of course, but here to make a high border, having prevented, thus, to similar arrivals - it is quite real. Certainly, this not so hot ratspredlozhenie but quite secure respectable pedestrians it can. And it is good, if also motorists have thought of that, how much efforts they deliver to pedestrians. After all, leaving the car, they too will go on foot. Also will be for certain not so happy, if towards to them on sidewalk any truck moves. To cars - roads, to pedestrians - sidewalks. And conscience to all of us, though on hardly - hardly. Or I am not right?

Yours faithfully worrying murmanchanin.

I Want to tell kind words

From the bottom of the heart we congratulate Tatyana and Paul Kuznetsovyh on a birth of son Arseny. The kid was born in a year of the Dog, under the badge of the Lion. Let it and his parents is accompanied by good luck throughout all life.


Dear Sveta Talantseva!

we Congratulate happy birthday.

we wish good luck and heat!

Friends good and good!

High hopes, intoxicated feastings!

Pleasant meetings and kind words!

In all we wish success!

In love - happy days wholly!

And this day - fun, laughter!

In all affairs - good luck!

Tatyana, Olga.

Dear Olesenka!

It is desirable in birthday only

to Grow, laugh and blossom,

and caress it is so much Good, heat,

That for hundred years not to carry away!

In study and in work - good luck,

And to have a rest - easily and thoroughly!

... Also there will be money, country houses, summer residences,

Yes over sudboju there will be a power!!!

Mum, the father, the sister.