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Grey realtors have left without ten apartments murmanchan

On the central TV almost every day repeat that Russians become richer, here already our 19 compatriots supposedly to live in the list of billionaires we began is better.

- But there is also other party, negative, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Lenin district Vadim Popov has told, - the welfare of the people grows, but the quantity of the fallen Russians grows also, on them that and swindlers, more precisely, on their apartments hunt. And such situation - already about a year. It is literally one of these days we have got criminal case under articles 30 Attempt at a crime and 159 Swindle the criminal code of Russian Federation when the grey realtor, preliminary having given to drink the elderly owner of apartment in the street Nikolaev, has asked it to sign the counterfeit power of attorney on apartment sale that that obediently and has made. And such cases only on our area of ten.

In some days to one of notaries the person has come, it having presented by Alexander Gennadevichem, and asked to issue the contract of purchase and sale of apartment by proxy. The lawyer has attentively studied the document, the form and all signatures and at once has understood that before it - a fake. But a second later, men already and the trace has caught a cold, probably having suspected wrong, he has run away.

Law enforcement bodies have contacted the owner of apartment, and that is neither a dream, nor spirit about sale of the squares . As he has remembered, to it any stranger has suggested to sell apartment with the subsequent granting of less comfortable habitation. That has certainly agreed. Whether on pleasures for the transaction, whether it is simple so, the realtor has given to drink the pensioner.

- the Scheme is simple, the apartment is on sale, the former owner take out where - nibud in Murmashi to wooden houses on pair - a three of months, ostensibly from - for prolonged repair, and then the firm simply disappears, - has told the deputy The public prosecutor. - basically northerners aged for 50 years which are easy for giving to drink and which, as a rule it is very heavy to pay the big money for apartment and which would like to exchange quickly on a smaller living space suffer affliction.

Neighbours suffered from swindlers elderly murmanchanina Peter Sljusarenko have told that that took alcoholic drinks often also whom has got drove to itself home.

- we it for about a week did not see, can, again drinks where - nibud. The apartment


How to be protected from swindlers

- realtor business will be gone does not demand licensing, therefore check up all possible documents, as for example, the charter and the certificate on statement on the account in tax service of the private businessman,

- not peck On zavlekalovki type too low, than in other organisations, percent, and also on promises that all will be quickly made, favourably and conveniently,

- be converted into the large companies which work for a long time already in the market,

- necessarily conclude the contract and take its copy to itself,

- do not give in on arrangements of strangers which offer the help in apartment sale.

and where to be converted, if you try to deceive

Offices of Public Prosecutor of districts of Murmansk:

- Lenin, street Halatina, 5, phone: (8152 31 - 66 - 98,
- October, street October 1/ 1, phone: (8152 45 - 50 - 37,
- May Day, avenue Kola, 168, phone: (8152 52 - 16 - 88.

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