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We select furniture for apartments in the north

Cases should be varnished

At us in area very high humidity, an order 80 - 90 percent. Across all Russia waters in air 10 times less - nearby 50 - 60 percent. In polar apartments as it is damp, as well as in the street. From - for it raw a varnish and special structures wooden designs in couple of months become soft and start to be stratified on the sly. God forbid, if on loosened from a moisture and loadings a chair or a stool someone sits down. Cones and bruises from falling not a floor not to avoid.

- If you want to get furniture from a natural tree, at once check up, a leah is not present on it cracks, the big jags, having chopped off, - the director of one of furniture stores of capital of the Polar region Dmitry Sedov has advised, - After all through them in a wood plate water can get, and the furniture will simply be stratified and will collapse.

As to furniture from DSP, then the approach same. The main thing that the varnish or any chemical substance not passing a moisture have been outside put.

If you have chosen pletenku also look, that on all surface of rods the protective varnish has been put. If to the touch or by sight it it was not possible to define, specify a question at the selling assistant.


and sofas - washing

- At an upholstered furniture choice first of all pay attention on napolnitel, - Sedov has continued, - if it easily absorbs a moisture an unpleasant smell a year or two from now you not to avoid. The spilt tea, lemonade, beer And a dry-cleaner I would not advise. Chemical substances can hurt it, and then on the structure it will remind a rigid cracker.

From napolnitelej for our damp northern conditions polyfoam, foam rubber, penorezina more will approach. And straw layers any there. They quickly incorporate a moisture, and then such aroma will be in a room that a century not to remove.

- it is better to choose furniture with washing coverings, - our interlocutor has noticed, - After all usual woven through pair washings or dry-cleaners can lose colour or fade. And so have wiped a soft rag and everything, the dirt is not present. The skin is especially good - easily washes, badly passes a moisture, and the dirt on it not so sticks.


Accessories from transparent materials

to Overload apartments with furniture too it is not necessary. Light from windows while falls it is not enough, and not all windows leave on sunny side so it is not necessary to close it cases and racks. For small dark rooms will approach little tables and chairs from transparent materials, for example, strong glass. Such material and from a dirt will not suffer from a moisture, the main thing of anything heavy not to put. Under journal table-tops, for example, it is possible to set up a small lamp.

And as to colour of upholstered furniture in the north it is better to choose juicy shades.

If it are not pleasant to you too bright tone will approach dairy - white, pesochno - yellow, soft green or amber.


it is important!

Our apartments are designed so that not always all rooms are shined by natural light, even in polar day. That without expenses for the electric power to solve this problem, hang up more mirrors. Except light, such elements of an interior visually increase space, for example, a narrow corridor.

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