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has read, on a blog the response has written!

since recent time to have the Internet - a diary, or on - anglijski - a blog, became norm almost for each user of a global network. And journalists Murmansk do not want to lag behind progress. After all those materials that have not got into the newspaper, remained behind a shot, it is possible to place in a blog. Therefore for quite some time now under articles of employees the line began to appear: the Blog of the author: lja - lja - lja a point ru . That disappears under these lja - lja - lja and where it is possible to get to itself the same diary, we and will tell in today`s release of a heading.


Blog Ruslana Varenika

http:// liveinternet. ru/ users/ rasan9ka

After this journalist will answer all reader`s questions on a communal flat and will solve problems with yard keepers and sanitary technicians, he models small, but very much I interest a heading Films of week . Judging by responses to our site http:// murmansk., it had for a long time already constant readers whom, planning the rest, necessarily look in this heading in the weekly poster. As we are limited in volumes of our articles, more detailed analysis of a film which only - only left on screens of Murmansk, it is possible to read in a blog of Ruslana. In the same place it is possible to express the opinion on a picture. Nobody forbids disputes and polemic, if only all was in frameworks. Therefore, after perusal Films of week in paper, safely click with a mouse http address:// liveinternet. ru/ users/ rasan9ka. Besides, on a page of Ruslana it is possible to find its opinions on last football fights Russian and a world scale, and also to familiarise with various ridiculous stories.


Sergey Andreeva`s Blog

http:// blog./ users/ s - and

In Sergey Andreeva`s blog http:// blog./ users/ s - and/ you will appear in an environment of participants of beauty contests, look at beauty of Kola peninsula, which pictures Sergey Andreev brings from business trips and travel. Here you learn even more details about performances of stars of a platform and sports in Polar region capital. And as you will find pages in a diary about hobbies of the correspondent: painting, a photo, the literature, veloputeshestvijah, can argue with the author, discuss the hobbies. Pleasant pastime!


Anton Zhelonkina`s Blog

http:// liveinternet. ru/ users/ diesel51rus

On a personal page of your obedient servant any interested person can find criminal news of the Polar region, and as details of latest scandals in which course the law has been broken. Besides, on a resource news from the technics world are published, and described from personal experience the majority of hi-tech devices which only appear in Murmansk. The author the same as also Sergey Andreev, is the admirer of photobusiness. Therefore he will wait for your offers concerning unexpected places and plots for shooting. Besides a crime, high technologies and a photo, in a diary any interested person can without sending SMS on short number 7015 participate in competition SMS - udivljalka .


Alexey Bakumenko`s Blog

http:// blog./ users/ 929348/

you are interested in a polar policy and constantly follow the thread of interesting and at times ridiculous thoughts of ours zakonotvortsev? And can you are a fan of history of Murmansk area? Then to you in a personal diary of journalist Alexey Bakumenko. The author conducts day by day on it a heading the Murmansk chronograph In which publishes interesting dates from Polar region history. Besides, in a blog there are also amusing sketches from our everyday life, and stories about travel by a self-locking device across Russia and abroad. Besides, in a blog at full speed there is an action illumination we buy apartment in Murmansk on tick . If you have questions on a mortgage and everything that with it is connected, welcome to Alexey Bakumenko`s diary.


the Blog of Anna Solovevoj

http:// blog./ users/ anna_kpmk/

you have a question on medicine or social sphere? Or you want to share bewitching love stories from your life? And can, your girlfriend has married the rich foreigner, and now sends to you from - for a hillock of ton of gifts? Then to you - in a diary of other ours of the colleague - Annas Solovevoj. A subject of last days on its personal page - teacher`s pearls. For example: Watch the bearing, and that then will take of a letter position si . Or: always on a kind, and an ear it is possible to cover a nose with hair if they are . And it only the beginning. You have such expressions in a store room? Share them in a blog of Anna to the address - http:// blog./ users/ anna_kpmk/.


Alexey Mihajlova`s blog

http:// blog./ users/ 1119104

Our expert in military subjects constantly surprises readers with exposing materials about severe life of recruits in Polar region parts. It publishes that was not included into the paper version in the blog. Besides, in Alexey`s diary many polar landscapes as the journalist very much loves the nature. And still its personal page abounds with interesting stories from personal experience. After their perusal you understand that, apparently, it is possible to state boring events of ordinary life fascinating language.



Placing of the blog on the sites presented here absolutely free of charge. You can leave records on the personal page though every day, though once a week. Besides, in a Runet the rating of blogs is made, and you at any moment can look, on what place in Russia there is your diary. This information is on http address:// www. blogs. yandex. ru/.


Where to create the diary?

http:// blog.
http:// www. liveinternet. ru/
http:// www. livejournal. com/
http:// www. blogs. A mail. ru
http:// www. blogus. ru




do not save on repair, differently lose a guarantee!

- Acquaintances have advised to repair phone at any master. Ostensibly it repairs devices in-home and takes it is less, than in official services. Have told that such repair will not affect guarantee certificates. It so?
Igor Smirnov, the student, Murmansk.


Dmitry GONCHAROV, the director of one of Murmansk services responds To a question on repair of phones:

- My advice: be not converted to to home-workers . At them though and is cheaper (some kinds of repair are not guarantee. - Red.) But, provided that they do not bear responsibility, even this sum is great. You lose a guarantee precisely as such masters do not have arrangement with manufacturers. After all the last simply do not co-operate with singles : repair volumes are small, and documents and contracts it is necessary to fill much. At a choice service - of the centre pay attention to its site. Avoid to hand over the device in the workshops located in cellars: there, as a rule, it is very damp, and the moisture will kill phone.