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Leah will suffice places in kindergartens?

It appears, ukomplektovannost groups does not mean we you cannot take

Wednesday, 14 hours. At the house 7 in the street Charles Marx crowd the person 10, the majority - with small children. I approach - here children write down in a garden?
- yes. Speak, to get very difficultly - places is not present, - blond mummy complains. - and turn, see?
- and by phone did not try?
- and what, is possible?
it is valid, on the eve of opening of kindergartens at educators increases works: one townspeople want to replace a garden to the child, others - simply search for a place. And in gardens often respond that groups are completed.
- but it does not mean that places are not present! - ogoroshivaet me the chief specialist gorkomiteta by training Anna Aksenova. - the number of groups and children in them is simple count in the spring - by data, which parents future detsadovtsev have given in selection committees. However in September, with opening of kindergartens, all changes. After all someone moves, at someone children do not pass medical board (and such about 30 percent). In general, a place in a garden on microdistrict we will find all!
on a Murmansk site www. mama51. da. ru, created specially for mummies, - set of complaints. The most popular - it is impossible to be arranged in a garden directly near to the house; absolutely tiny children in a manger do not accept Complain and - someone hints at managers on the voluntary help someone recommends group with bolshej a parental payment.
- it is valid, near to an entrance not always it is possible to find a garden. But in residing microdistrict - it is precisely possible. And then - to be translated more close, it is important to inform only on such wish of a selection committee for a year.
it is especially difficult with places in gardens in Bering`s streets - Shcherbakova: there many young families with children. And also - in the centre and in Growth: There preschool centres small, all from four groups.
- children is more younger one and a half years really accept only in one kindergarten 13, in the street Generalova, - confirms Aksenova. - That to higher payment for a garden, here is a question of groups of individual development. Them have created in several preschool centres at will of parents. But to send the child there managers, of course, have no right. As well as to extort a bribe.
and children now it is a lot of. And to find all a place, gardens already reserve extra beds!
- some years ago we have started up in a premise of one of groups shestiletok from the next school - here for them have organised an ecological circle, - Elena Soldatenkov, the manager tells. DOW 102. - Flowers beautiful have brought. And now they should be cleaned. Now indoors there is a repair. And then we will place there new beds.

On a note

Advice to beginning parents

  1. As soon as your kid was born, call in a selection committee gorkomiteta by training and put it on the account. Can even tell, which garden prefer are it will be noted in special magazine. And when to the kid time will come to go to a garden, chances that it will get in necessary, - almost 100 percent.
  2. When you go to a selection committee, do not go end-to-end by appointed time (for example, accept there with 14. 00 to 17. 00, and you approach at an o`clock per three: the turn will already resolve. If call by phone it is better in the end of reception. Then on the commission on a broader scale there are no visitors.

Where and when to come on a selection committee

May Day district - avenue Kola, 129, the case 1, ph. 53 - 94 - 12, pn with 14. 00 to 17. 00, cht with 10. 00 to 13. 00.

October district - Charles Marx`s street, 7, bodies. 45 - 05 - 98, sr with 14. 00 to 17. 00, pt with 9. 00 to 12. 00.

Lenin district - avenue of Heroes - severomortsev, 33, ph. 43 - 38 - 10, sr with 14. 00 to 17. 00, pt with 14. 00 to 16. 00.

to Complain of unfair workers of kindergartens it is possible on bodies. gorkomiteta by training: 45 - 15 - 57.