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Murmanchane Bykovy and pair of pigeons are on friendly terms families

Once in the morning Sergey and Oksana Bykovyh has woken loud peep behind a balcony door: on their loggia stayed a pigeon with two baby birds. Children were capricious, though were already enough large and could fly - reached for daddy with opened kljuvikami behind a forage. However the parent did not give in a pointed manner anything to them: a pier, you already adult, a forage extract! The show was so amusing that Oksana has decided to treat birds with something tasty. There was it four years ago

- Since then they arrive to us every day, approximately in 10 - 11 hours, - Oksana tells. - However, the father - the pigeon has appeared at us all some times and then was gone. One of baby birds, samochka, too has soon ceased to come to see us. And its brother with us has very much made friends and has started to arrive for a dinner daily. This clever and very cocky birdie we named Venkoj.

Once the winged visitor has arranged the whole representation. Oksana and Sergey have enticed its sunflower seeds on a pier glass, having decided to observe: as the bird will react to the reflexion in a mirror. Venka there and then was accepted to an entertainment, but has soon noticed in a mirror the competitor yes such impudent - the same sunflower seeds pecks! The pigeon has begun to eat faster to outstrip the rival, but that did not lag behind. Then Venja, having postponed a meal, has started fight: some times aggressively krutanulsja round itself and with menacing urkanem has snatched on own reflexion. He fought with a mirror so long that it was necessary to drive it from a pier glass, eventually.

- After a while Venja began to arrive to us with the girlfriend Tosej, - Oksana continues. - in the summer, by the way, for them we put on a balcony tazik with water - this couple very much loved joint bathing. Then Venja was gone - probably, was lost Tosja not for long was a widow and has soon led to us on a visit the new gentleman. Very much he was stirred, even about a windowpane with perepugu stukalsja, but became then more courageous.

So they are on friendly terms to the present day - human family and pigeon.

- Happens, Venka with Tosej arrive early in the morning and awake us with the cooing of a watch in five, - Oksana laughs. - but we do not become angry about them.

competition Results Murmansk wedding

Tatyana and Alexey Ionovy have got acquainted nine years ago: both were witnesses on wedding. and our novel proceeding to the present day " has begun; - they when became one of winners of competition - " admitted to us; My superman . We will remind, on the eve of February, 23rd we have suggested readers to tell about the small and big James Bonds - husbands, brothers, sons - and named winners - authors of three interesting stories. For them at restaurants Polar dawns and Fires of Murmansk have made a perfect romantic supper. However, Ionovy have visited there only one of these days - waited, when the hero of the story Alexey will return from flight.

- the Misfortune of our time that we seldom look in eyes to favourite people, - Alexey argued. It seems that the romantic mood was cast by conditions Polar Dawns : candles on tables, silent live music of the pianist

- I wanted suit to the husband a surprise and to inform that its photo is printed in favourite only when it will return on coast. But, pining pending, has not sustained and has called it, - Tatyana speaks, drinking champagne from a cup . - It was then in gulf of Finland

- And when I have heard it it was ready to run on ice the tramp to the adored woman, - with a smile Alexey interrupts. - the darling, and it is possible to invite you to dance? I am grateful for this wonderful evening to all collective of restaurant of hotel Polar Dawns - the seaman has thrown to us at parting.