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It is necessary to overpay for eggs

Vegetables - fruit

When in the beginning of March have actively earned local hothouse economy, it was not slow to affect the price of cucumbers and tomatoes: those began to become cheaper promptly. So, tomatoes have decreased in the price on 20 - 30 roubles, cucumbers - and that it is more. However cost ustakanilas is closer to the end of month, and in April of its serious change is not expected. Price lists and on a potato, an onion and carrots will not change.

On a broader scale, April promises to stand out extremely quiet. Price fluctuations do not threaten a citrus, greens, apples and kivi.

is cheaper, but is already closer to Easter, there are grapes (on 6 - 8 roubles for a kilogramme) and a strawberry (a minus 5 - 10 re for 250 - gramme packing). These are fruit - skoroport and as in holidays on their counters will be much, sellers will try to entice the buyer reduced prices.

And here the cabbage, which stocks come to an end, becomes more expensive on 3 - 4 roubles for kg.

Meat - milk

In spite of the fact that by the end of month our country will plunge into a train of feasts (Easter, the 1st of May, a Victory Day), the price for the meat so popular on festive tables, will not raise. In the middle of April to Russia deliveries of the big parties of meat from Latin America, mainly from Colombia that will raise a competition among suppliers can already begin and, accordingly, will constrain the price.

And here with dairy products - other history. Cottage cheese is a part of Light Christ`s Sunday of a dish traditional for a feast - passovers, milk and butter - are irreplaceable for vypekanija Easter cakes, therefore the prices will grow. In the first decade of April milk (on 0,5 - 1 rouble), cottage cheese (1 - 3 roubles), butter (3 - 4 roubles) will rise in price.

Other products

That garantirovanno will start to rise in price in first half of April so it is eggs. Them traditionally paint for Easter, moreover and in Easter cakes add, so be not surprised, when the price for them will grow on 3 - 4 roubles from today`s 28 - 30 for ten.

Using stable demand at all homemakers on the eve of Easter vanillin and vanilla sugar in the end of a month become more expensive on 0,5 - 1 rouble.

And for 2 - 5 roubles (depending on a grade) will rise in price fig. However, by Easter is the relation has no: the reason - that from the middle of March temporary restrictions on delivery of rice from the East countries (have appeared claims to its quality) are entered.


The more warmly in the street, the more actively murmanchane pack tourist suitcases. And if the price for Thailand and the Emirates in comparison with March practically does not change, here tours to Egypt become more expensive. Fortnight rest in comparison with March will raise on 100 - 400 Those c.u. who has habitually a rest in Turkey, can rejoice - the season there is opened. The most economical rest for a couple on two weeks in three stars will manage in 700 - 800 c.u., but by the end of month the price will grow up on 10 - 15 percent (May feasts approach!) .

Murmanchane start to be interested actively and rest on beaches of Spain and Greece. And though to go there to the middle of May of a special reason is not present, vacation packages make out already now. That is why also the prices for the orders issued in April, will be cheaper May on 20 - 30 percent.

Warmly not only in Russia, but also in Europe so demand for coach trips to France, Germany, Italy, Czechia revives. The most economic offer - coach trip to Czechia: week rest there with the included breakfast will manage all in 200 - 300 c.u. However in the end of a month, is closer to May feasts, cost can raise on 15 - 30 percent.

Clothes - footwear

April - that spring month when winter clothes and obuvku any more do not buy, but still carry. About what it speaks? About sales! If in May the great bulk of the goods is vesenne - summer assortment in April just get rid of winter assortment and actively trade in the spring. Here on purchase of winter regimentals of the last season also it is possible to save - percent 20 - 60 from former cost of a thing. And you buy it not in the market, and in quite firm shop at which has already become a habit to get rid from old collections.


In the automobile market of capital of the Polar region - a chaos. The season of sales, drivers prikatili new cars has begun; someone has rolled out from garages old Volga yes the Zhiguli in hope them to sell. Life boils, and together with it creep upwards and the prices. In comparison with last month the most running stamps and models have added in weight on 300 - 500 c.u. And in comparison with last year - all 800 - 1000 c.u.

For the first time for a year gasoline instead of rising in price, will a little go down in price: copecks on 50. Thus the prices for fuel in our area remain one of the highest on Severo - the West.

this month it is possible to wait for a rise in prices on summer rubber, butters, and also a liquid for washing of glasses. The reason - the increased demand. Rubber will rise in price on 100 - 150 roubles, having reached 1000 - 1100 re for a wheel. Butter will add in weight 50 - 90 wooden and podnimitsja in cost on the average to 150 roubles for litre. Omyvajka will rise in price on 15 - 20 re for litre and will cost, under forecasts, 200 - 250 one rubles for the five-litre canister.


Gasoline in the Polar region is more expensive than figure, than across Russia

In March the average price for automobile fuel in our region - 20,07 roubles (on the average across Russia - 17,72 roubles)


AI - 76 - 18,58 roubles (across Russia - 15,72)

AI - 92 - 20,60 (18,57)

AI - 95 - 22,06 roubles (20,06)

Diztoplivo - 20,02 roubles (on the average on the country - 17,01).