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Permissions to a salmon will rise in price

After the introduction in 2005 on the force of the law About fishery and preservation of water biological resources on reservoirs the chaos was established. That the sharing of powers between Rosselhoznadzorom and FGU " cost; Murmanrybvod ! Fishermen could not understand, who should give out now them permissions on semuzhju fishing where it is possible to fish and where - it is impossible why permissions stood out Rosselhoznadzorom at one price, and business concerns - on absolutely another, on many usages above. fish departments have begun to patch hasty legal holes in the law, and already today it became clear that in 2007 semuzhatnikov legislative changes wait many. About them we also have talked to the head of territorial administration Rosrybolovstva in Murmansk area Valentine BALASHOVYM.

Whom and how much to start up on the river, businessmen will solve?

- Valentine Valentinovich, last year the Office of Public Prosecutor has forbidden Rosselhoznadzoru to be engaged in delivery of permissions for citizens on amateur lov salmons. Why? And who will do this work in 2007?

- Rosselhoznadzor by the nature of the activity has no right to give out to citizens of the permission to fishing. It is supervision and control body, and he should not resolve anything, the absurdity differently turns out: one people resolve, others - forbid, and the chief over them one. Yes, last year Rosselhoznadzor gave out permissions though and it is not quite lawful. But on - it was impossible for another: the fishing season would appear is simply broken. This year so will not be. And it is possible to solve a problem: the law allows area executive power to create the special unitary enterprise which would be engaged in the organisation of amateur and sports fishery on reservoirs of Murmansk area according to the law on fishery. The best exit - if the area government will create such enterprise, will vest with its certain quota and the right of delivery to citizens of vacation packages on amateur lov salmons on certain sites of reservoirs. Or will grant this right to the similar enterprise which prosecutes wildlife management subjects in the Polar region. Thus it is necessary to establish the fixed price for permissions - certainly, not 1000 and not 500 roubles, but also not 16. And the obtained money to use for protection of reservoirs and the fishery organisation in territory of Murmansk area.

- In the law it is said what to be responsible for fishery sites in internal reservoirs the user should. A question - who this user? Business concern? A leah will turn out so, what semuzhi the rivers will be completely passed businessmen? In 2005 such already was: fishing travel agencies, at rather not cheap price were engaged in delivery of permissions. It has called an indignation storm people

- Anyway, fishery sites will be fixed to someone, and people will go to catch there where it is authorised. Proceeding from the law on fishery, lov it is possible to make only in coordination with the user of a site. A question, really, in the one who will be this user. And people should have a choice: or a public beach on which it is possible to buy a vacation package at the modest and fixed price, or to get the ticket at the private user - with a certain set of accompanying services and for higher price. About a variant with the unitary enterprise which is engaged in delivery of permissions, I already spoke. Other variant is possible also: the private user will contain under certain conditions a special site on any river for unorganized fishermen - those who goes in itself. That is, to separate fishery in camp, with guides, from fishery for simple citizens. While all it is discussed. And I am convinced that the area government the same as and last year, will allocate serious enough part of a quota for amateur and sports fishery for citizens. People on - former can catch a salmon, in particular, on the sites taken away for them on the rivers Kola, Ur Pechenga. On - to another be simple cannot.

About protection of reservoirs from poachers

- When this question will be definitively solved? To time remains very little

- Till May, 15th all should dare. The law orders: the subject of the Russian Federation confirms the list of fishery sites in coordination with federal enforcement authority in the field of fishery (in this case with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rosrybolovstvom). One year ago we have started to be engaged in drawing up of this list. Work is rather uneasy at least because the quantity of reservoirs on Kola peninsula is estimated hundreds thousand! The list is already almost ready, and needs only the coordination in the Ministry of Agriculture. The following stage after the list statement - carrying out of competitions among the firms applying for roles of those users or other sites of reservoirs. In April the competitive commission will be created. By the same time should be co-ordinated with the Ministry of Agriculture and the list of fishery sites is confirmed by the government of Murmansk area.

- And a leah someone will be released from competitions on fastening of fishery sites? For example, local residents?

- Yes, those people and the organisations to whom sites before coming into force of the law on fishery have already been fixed, will be or are released from participation in competition, or begin to participate in it on the preferential bases. Besides, the radical and small people of the North which under the legislation have the primary right to have sites for fishing will not participate in competitions. But not what has got and anywhere, and those sites near which these people live. Here too it is a lot of nuances - in particular, with ethnographic examination which should check up legality of claim of natives on this or that fishery site: a leah really they always here lived and from time immemorial fished, or not.

- And who and how will organise protection of reservoirs from poachers? Fishermen complain often that users - businessmen arrange a lawlessness on semuzhih the rivers, spend spot-checks with participation of agents of national security, take away ulov at right and guilty. The temptation is great to banish from the river impecunious strangers !

- Here the big problem. Concept of protection - the most dim concept of the legislation on fishery. Like it is function of users: they first of all are interested in that their reservoir did not pollute. But businessmen have no right to spend any security spot-checks. To be engaged in it law-enforcement bodies and other public services should only. And firms can only to whistle about infringement by that who has the right to protect. It is necessary to create the uniform body which is carrying out protection in sphere of fishery as a whole in the country, vested with powers to detain, open case and, maybe, even to carry on an investigation. For today this question is not solved. Now on working group of the State Council at the president of the Russian Federation some variants of the organisation of uniform system of protection of fishery in the country are discussed. I think that to a problem of protection we can return a bit later, before the beginning of a season (in the end of April). By then, most likely, something will be cleared up.