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Why fishermen name Murmansk enemy port

Withdrew cigarettes and canned food

on February, 22nd the worldly-wise slogger has come into water area of Murmansk port - a freezing trawler Demjansk . In holds waited for unloading good ulov a herring, and in cabins and on decks the crew anticipated, as will meet a feast together with the native. But instead of a feast fishermen have got to hassle lasting many days. The customs authorities have aboard risen: the inspector and operupolnomochennyj.

- Since first minutes they began to conduct roughly and impudently examination, from a force position, - the captain - director Anatoly Prilepo meets me onboard a vessel.

According to the captain and crew, customs officers looked in everyone zakutok.

- Come into a cabin and ask: cigarettes supposedly are? We get that remains from stocks. And they there and then withdraw: This infringement of customs rules - the third assistant to the captain Alexander Gavrilov makes a helpless gesture. - Almost in smugglers write down. That we have not smoked, have withdrawn. We did not come into any ports. What we smugglers?

- Grinned so supposedly it was necessary to conduct a healthy way of life or to throw out cigarettes for a board! - welder Alexander Konovalov is indignant.

it is valid, in customs rules import more than two blocks of cigarettes - infringement. But cigarettes - that seamen have imported our, bought in a stall at the house, instead of in any Amsterdam kurilne; on them - our excise stamps. Have coveted even on the Tonic . The following, on what the inspector began to exhaust a state paper, steels zakrutki fishermen. That seamen did from fresh ulova that was than to have a bite in a cabin or on watch.

- Withdrew in a pointed manner with threats: you break customs the legislation ! - the captain " is perplexed; Demjanska . - As it - that fishermen could not be treated with them the caught small fish. It turns out, the shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod! Withdrew from whom a kilogramme at whom two, truth, at one our good fellow have found a grist in some tens kilogramme. Forced to write explanatory, and people did not understand: in what are guilty.

I have lost month of life

Then has come to punish turn all fishing company. Began to consider the fish brought in holds: a leah will converge its quantity that is declared by seamen.

- It has appeared that on 844 tons of the brought declared fish there are no 11 boxes of a herring and a superfluous box sajdy, - the general director " bends fingers; the Slang - M the companies - the ship-owner Demjanska Vladimir Rybnikov. - From - for this superfluous box (in it 27 kilogrammes of weight) have arrested all cargo of a vessel on five drain, have fastened on holds of a seal, have called power support. Employees SOBRa were on duty some days on a vessel. Against our company action about an administrative offence under item 16 is brought. 1, ch. 3 KoAP. And it is the penalty from 50 to 100 thousand roubles. From - for one box! Now to clear of cargo, it is necessary to make the additional declaration and to fill a package of documents with thickness of centimetre three. Plus - veterinary certificates and gasoline which we will burn, running behind pieces of paper.

Being indignant, captain Anatoly Prilepo remembers that do with such overweight in Norwegian Kirkenese.

- At me on 85 declared tons of a cod left on ton more. Without problems have there and then specified it in documents, - the captain shows the declaration. - in Norway overweight in four percent is authorised. And here - 27 kege on eight hundreds tons - the 100-th shares of percent!

in general instead of going to the sea behind one ulovom, fishermen have begun to run in customs office on Bitter, 15 - to prove that any they not smugglers

- Under their requirement it was necessary to overload fish twice. These are superfluous 300 thousand roubles, - Rybnikov was tired to count up losses. - at first on a warehouse that customs officers once again have counted it, and then - in cars which waited for it. At us contracts broke. And the herring during a season lova all became cheaper every day

Result a warm meeting in native port: tens administrative affairs on crew and huge losses of the company. On February, 23rd seamen have met in a depression.

- I have lost month of life, - captain Anatoly Prilepo speaks. - it is More, likely, and in the sea I will not go

Us obviously consider as smugglers

is there was not a check, and an act of intimidation, - Vladimir Rybnikov is indignant. - Yes, infringement is, but losses which we bear, are incommensurable. And five persons checked us only from customs! If all quantity checking to divide into this unfortunate box of fish in 27 kilogrammes, what material benefit from such checks to the state? Vessels have ceased to go to Murmansk, here and carp for the reporting at any trifles. From our vessel were unhooked, only when the trawler has come to port ponoj . They were threw by all brigade on it and have arranged the same search. And with each ward to port it is pressure grows. Fishermen go here, skrepja teeth. You know, why we name Murmansk enemy port? Not because expensively to stand at moorings, and quotations all grow, and from - for such here meetings when you already obviously consider as the smuggler. What to us remains, if contraband find in bank on a lunch little table at the seaman? Correctly, to go to other ports. We are ready to carry fish to Murmansk, but we want, that we were met by normal, polite people who would respect both us, and.

at the first session of the Union rybopromyshlennikov the North Vladimir Rybnikov has told about to a customs siege it Demjanska .

- I Suggest all to follow to our example and to stop deliveries under the regional and city program Cheap fish .

- I against it, it is impossible to offend old men, - the general director of the Union Gennady Stepahno was voiced.

Field men have kept silent, but after session in an informal conversation with the correspondent have supported Rybnikova:

- it is correct! It is necessary to do socially significant acts that the authorities has reached: time we help you also you find time.

P. S. On whose party - checking or field men - there are authorities of Murmansk area? And how the president of Russia is going to help Murmansk fishermen? About it read on Tuesday, on April, 3rd.