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Murmanchanka has got under a train and It has survived

has fallen between cross ties, and the locomotive has driven directly over it

in the Evening past Friday on a stage of Komsomolsk - Murmansk - Vaenga went a cargo train. In area Rosty the machinist has noticed the girl about ways. It has given a signal, that that has departed. But the next second it was necessary to jerk the brake lever - the little girl why - that has appeared on rails.

the Train went very slowly - with a speed of 20 km at an o`clock. But the girl has disappeared under wheels

Suffered inexpressibly has carried. It has fallen exactly between cross ties, and wheels have not touched it. But the girl has received the strongest cranial - a brain trauma. She could not inform the at all a name approached fast, and has been delivered in regional hospital as the unknown person. Already there its person have established.

Now a status 16 - summer Katya still heavy, but it have already translated from resuscitation in neurosurgery branch - direct danger to life is not present.

- the Girl injured from blow by the locomotive, - speaks and. An island of the chief of linear department of internal affairs on transport Vladimir Malosh. - As it has appeared on rails - is now found out.

Presumably, the girl was drunk and has stumbled. However, there is a version that she tried to commit suicide.