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- All - taki, we live in not clear state. Again I try to hand over in traffic police the receipt on penalty payment. T e., itself money to the state I want to bring. But for the working person it, apparently, is impossible! The office 221 in regional traffic police (there accept to coils about about a penalty payment) is opened only 4 days in a week, from 14 o`clock till 18 o`clock. Also what, from work to ask for leave from - for steams of hundreds roubles?

Maxim ministering, Murmansk.



- At us on a city the clinic, more precisely, an office on wheels in the form of a trolley bus plies. Anonymous. I waited transport at a stop, this approaches “ horned “. And over a windshield - advertising “ an anonymous office “ on a student`s site “ 4επδΰκ “. It is direct, not a trolley bus, and a room for addicts and alcoholics.

Olga Sevastyanov ministering, Murmansk.



- Has bought in the market tomatoes, it was necessary to throw out: peremorozhennye. It is better to overpay pair of roubles and to buy the same in shop. But then accurately you know: to whom to complain.

Nikolay Kovalchuk, the businessman, Murmansk.