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Mum, respond!

IF YOU were lost


Mum, respond!


- Murmansk continues to search for people with whom you were dissolved with destiny. Write to us to the address: Egorov`s street, 17, to Alexey BAKUMENKO. Or on electronic mail: alex@kpmk. ru. Search each other, do not lose hope!


to Alexander Shibanovu searches for the daughter

- Mum was gone on September, 9th, 2004, - with tears in a voice remembers murmanchanka Valentine Plohova. - She usually liked to walk under Lenin`s prospectus: from a crossroads with Charles Marx`s street to the area Five Corners and back. That day it too has gone to breathe fresh air. Usually walked an hour, and here why that was late. It was not two hours. It seemed to me strange, I have gone on street, but mum anywhere have not found

Valentine Aleksandrovna at once was converted into militia and mass-media. But searches, announcements in newspapers, even the reference in a telecast Wait for me result have not given.

- To mum recently it is frequent representatives of one sect dropped in, I on them guilty business have thought: a pier, mum`s apartment have decided to appropriate, - admits murmanchanka. - With the brother began to go on their meetings - thought: can, we will find mum. Unsuccessfully

But Valentina Plohova does not lose hope. Under its request we publish signs of her mother:

Alexander Petrovna Shibanova, 1931 year of birth. Has been dressed in it is light - a brown beret, a yellow raincoat, black boots. Maloobshchitelnaja If you saw this woman, call, please, in edition! Our phone: (8152 42 - 47 - 94




Tatyana and Edward Zyrjanovyh is searched by the girlfriend


the Pathetic letter was sent in edition by the inhabitant of Kirovsk Tatyana Krasnov:

- Many years I write out and always attentively I read a heading If you were lost . It is very glad for people whom the newspaper has helped to find the relatives, the friends familiar! But now, it is visible, my turn to you behind the help has come to be converted also. More 20 years ago we with a family had a rest in Gelendzhik at my friend of the childhood Zyrjanovoj Tatyana Aleksandrovny (in girlhood Kurenkovoj) and her husband Edward. Their small house more similar to a building carriage, was around the airport. Zyrjanovy (Tanja, Edward both their daughters Svetlana and Alenka) lived well, amicably. Then to them have given the new habitation which address I did not know. We soon too have moved, here communication and was lost. And as it would be desirable to meet, talk, ask on life, about native and familiar. Children have grown, there were grandsons, we became pensioners, has increased free time

Tatyana Petrovna very much asks readers to help with searches of its old girlfriend!



Galina Grigoriev, respond Ljubovi Djubkovoj!


the Following letter in our mail - from inhabitant Polar Zor Ljubovi Djubkovoj (in girlhood - Smirnovoj). 20 years ago, with 1984 for 1989, she studied in Leningrad himiko - pharmaceutical institute. There the Love of Valentinovna has strong become friends with classmate Galina Stepanovnoj Grigorevoj (in girlhood - Trots).

- Galja - 1967 year of birth, - writes severjanka. - I Know that in 1995 she with a family lived in St.-Petersburg to the address: street Serdobolsky, d. 39, sq. 2. Then has moved to other address and as it happens often, our communication has interrupted. Help to find, please, Galju!




Lydia Zaharchuk in search of native Njuri Ogly Valiev


- very much I ask you to help with search of native my father Valiev Njuri Ogly Ahmetovicha, - Lydia Jurevna Zaharchuk from settlement Nivsky the Kandalaksha area writes. - he Was born on September, 26th, 1926 in Moscow in Ogly Ali Valiev`s family and Natali Morozovoj. Unfortunately, more detail data about the grandfather and the grandmother at me are not present. The father already too is not present in the live. It very much lived for long and worked in Kovdore, in the same place and is buried. But very much it would be desirable to find its and family roots. Many thanks for the help!

Lydia Jurevna has sent a photo of Njuri Ogly of Akhmetovich in edition. Probably, someone from distant relatives will find familiar lines in this person.



  Andrey Hamitov, waits for you the brother


Evgenie Hamitova`s History repeats, alas, history of many detdomovskih boys. He was born in 1979 in Murmansk and already age of 6 months his mother have deprived of the parental rights. Till 7 years the guy lived in Monchegorsk children`s home, then in Zelenoborsky children`s home 6. Studied in a Murmansk TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE 4. Naturally, tried to find for relatives. Has found the sister in Apatity.

- She has told that I have a brother - Andrey Ramisovich Hamitov, - Evgenie writes. - in what year he was born, I do not know. But, according to the sister, has already served in army. And where he now - does not know. Very much I hope that Andrey whom I did not see since the birth, will respond. And can, we have still any native?