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I did two days nothing - saved forces to defeat

In Murmansk the Polar Olympic Games - 73

  have ended;

On the well-known Murmansk marathon finishing the Polar Olympic Games - 73, one thousand participants was declared almost. As much spheres has shot up in the sky during Sunday mass start of skiers. 50 - the kilometre ski track has the day before melted, and then it has frozen. Skiers promptly rushed on Murmansk hills, and on turns many and did not consult on loose snow and drop through one. One such heap is small was formed directly before ski stadium and spectators, paternal fans only rejoiced.

First fifty kilometres of the international marathon, despite weather and unfriendly snow, the Belarus skier Sergey Dolidovich has run:

- I before a marathon did two days nothing: Saved forces, ate many carbohydrates and walked across Monchegorsk where has stopped at friends, - has told, having recovered the breath, the sportsman.

And the first among women there was a skier from Moscow suburbs Elena Vedeneyev. To winners have got prize-winning - 125 thousand roubles. By the way, this year sportsmen on finish for restoration of forces treated not with beer as it was accepted earlier, and fruit.