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Farewell, school!

the first wave - a stage of the state (total) certification of graduates 11 (12 vesper schools) classes:


on May, 17th (Thursday) - foreign languages,

on May, 21st (Monday) - chemistry, social science,

on May, 24th (Thursday) - geography, biology, the literature,

on May, 29th (Tuesday) - Russian,

on June, 4th (Monday) - mathematics,

on June, 9th (Saturday) - history of Russia, the physicist.

on June, 14th (Thursday) - reserve day for those who has not handed over for good reasons in Unified State Examination target dates on Russian, chemistry, physics, biology, geography.

on June, 15th (Friday) - reserve day for those who has not handed over for good reasons in Unified State Examination target dates on the mathematics, the literature, social science, history of Russia and foreign languages.


the Second wave (Unified State Examination at a stage of introductory tests in educational institutions of average and higher vocational training):

on July, 16th (Monday) - mathematics,

on July, 19th (Thursday) - Russian,

on July, 23rd (Monday) - biology, history of Russia,

on July, 25th (environment) - social science, physics, foreign languages,

on July, 27th (Friday) - the literature, geography, chemistry,

on July, 30th (Monday) - reserve day.


For participants of the Unified State Examinations having the right to transfer by results of introductory tests of a profile orientation:

on July, 16th - mathematics, physics, geography, chemistry, biology, history of Russia, Russian, social science, the literature, foreign languages.

If applicants will not type necessary points Unified State Examination on the mathematician will pass on July, 23rd, and from July, 19 till July, 30th all other subjects under the above-stated schedule.

examinations in mathematics and the literature - for 4 hours (240 minutes) everyone will be the longest on time. On physics, history of Russia give 3, 5 hours (210 minutes), on Russian, biology, geography, chemistry, social science - 3 hours (180 minutes). Least time take away on examination in English language - only 2 hours of 50 minutes (170 minutes). Thus time allocated for carrying out of instructing of participants of Unified State Examination, opening of packages and filling of forms, is not included in duration of examination.

this educational year 11 - klassniki can choose for delivery of Unified State Examination two more subjects: German language and computer science. Besides, from this year ninth-graders at will and in coordination with parents instead of traditional examinations can pass total certification for algebra and Russian, in the form approached to Unified State Examination.


What to take on examination and what to leave houses


It is possible and it is necessary

It is impossible

the Passport




the Admission on the examination given out at school and necessarily registered.

with formulas it is impossible to take Rulers on examinations in physics, mathematics and geography.

Black gelevye or capillary handles (the forms filled with dark blue, green or red paste will not check).

the Programmed calculator.


Simple pencils and lastiki.


Mobile phones.

Meal. In audience there will be a table with mineral water and juice - to satisfy thirst

Bags, backpacks.


Medicines. Necessarily tell to teachers that for them it did not become a surprise.

Textbooks and answer books.



the Table of solubility of salts, acids and the bases, Mendeleyev`s periodic system and an electrochemical number of pressure of metals.




it is important!


That the participant of Unified State Examination can protest?


He has the right to appeal:

- about infringement of procedure of carrying out - in day of examination after delivery of forms to an exit from point of carrying out of examination;

- about disagreement with the exposed points (marks) - within 3 calendar days after the official announcement of results of examination and acquaintance with it;

By results of consideration of the appeal for infringement of procedure of carrying out of Unified State Examination the conflict commission can make the decision on its deviation (if the facts stated in the appeal, are insignificant or have no place). The commission can satisfy it if the facts stated in the appeal can make essential impact on results of Unified State Examination (then repeated passing an examination follows).

As to points the commission can reject the appeal in view of absence of technical errors at processing of forms and errors in estimation by experts of answers to tasks in a free form. By consideration of the appeal instead of the participant of Unified State Examination or together with it there can be parents or lawful representatives. For giving of the appeal it is enough to have at itself the passport and the admission with the press Unified State Examination Forms are handed over .

Where to complain to the schoolboy?

In case of disagreement with an annual or examination mark any pupil has the right to appeal in writing addressed to the principal or the chairman of examination board. And also he has the right to be converted with the statement addressed to the chairman gorkomiteta by training Boris Semenovicha Kogana (bodies. (8152) 45 - 43 - 26) or regional committee of Vasily Filippovicha Kostjukevicha by training (bodies. (8152) 44 - 63 - 77).




Courses or the tutor?


Where and as it is possible to be tightened in various subjects to final examinations for the remained two months


the Centers of paid services at schools


As a rule, at all schools there are additional employment in subjects where assort more difficult tasks from examinations. But happens, as of them there are not enough the pupils, aspiring to know all or arriving in prestigious high school. For this purpose there are additional paid lessons in the chosen subject. Their cost on the average 600 roubles for 6 hours. As a rule, such employment arrange, as soon as the group is typed, and spend once a week for 1,5 hours. So, if any class will decide to be tightened, for example, in biology, or will be typed 7 - 8 persons who will want to be engaged in mathematics can safely go to the school centre of paid services.



Private tutors


One of variants of preparation for Unified State Examination - to employ the tutor. On the average tutors take from 200 rbl. in an hour of employment without dependence from a subject . But from the one who will tighten you - the student, the teacher or the teacher of high school - the price and 800 rbl. in an hour.

- it is necessary to approach To a choice of the tutor tshchatelnejshchim in the image, - tells Roman Hatsevich, zavkafedroj the state and municipal management of Murmansk institute of economy. - It is necessary to learn high school requirements in which the schoolboy is going to arrive, to look, as there accept examinations - as Unified State Examination, testing or internal examination. The preparation form will depend on it. And, at last, it is necessary to compare programs of high school and textbooks on which lessons are conducted. In a selection committee usually recommend, under what grants to textbooks to prepare. If you have decided to work at the tutor, it is better at what is the teacher of the chosen high school - he knows all subtleties and requirements.




the City open classroom under the literature


Since autumn only in a grammar school 2 for pupils of all city there is a free open classroom on preparation for Unified State Examination under the literature. Those who has registered in the autumn, have already studied history of literature and now solve tests. However those who have just now reflected on examinations, too can join. It is possible to learn by phone more in detail: (8152 45 - 05 - 56.



Preliminary courses in high schools


Now it is possible to register only on polutoramesjachnye courses on Russian in Murmansk the state pedagogical university that will begin since April, 18th. Cost - 3920 roubles for 56 hours of training. To send the child on courses, parents are necessary for approaching in high school for the contract conclusion. Ph. for inquiries: (8152 45 - 63 - 69



the VIP - poll

of That you were afraid and for what signs hoped, when passed examinations?

we have set Such question known murmanchanam


Evgenie Goman, the adviser of management for affairs of youth of Murmansk area:

- Looking when. In school days believed in signs. And the five-copeck coin under a heel put, both did not wash, and was not cut before examination. Now I consider signs as a vestige, unreasonable superstition. Can help nothing to you at examination, except knowledge and ingenuity. It is necessary to be afraid of the nonsense and from it to run, up hill and down dale.


Valery Tsyganov, the chairman of committee on physical training, sports and tourism of Murmansk area:

- I worried at examinations, as well as all. In signs any did not believe. But always asked to go the first. It seemed to me that so will be more time for preparation.


Sergey Skomorohov, the main state veterinary inspector of Murmansk area:

- in what did not believe. Always went with thought: Come what may . Of examinations, of course, was afraid, but undertook nothing. Even cribs never wrote. Considered that I will hand over on that, on what is capable and on what I know. And from signs you will become cleverer not.


Sergey Korobkov, director MUP Electrotransport :

- Five-copeck coins I did not enclose under a heel, but signs were. Day necessarily should begin with a correct foot - left. The boot necessarily at first was put on the left. Otherwise all will go head over heels. And at times even before examination did not go to bed at all.