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In Murmansk area in the price builders, electricians and seamen

the Fashion on belovorotnichkovyh inhabitants of offices has begun at us at once upon termination of a socialism epoch. To be the production worker became neprestizhno. Here business, jurisprudence is yes! Money, glory, career And work easy, in a cosy office at the computer monitor. To the present day the youth breaks high schools on office specialities: almost half of the polar students, entered last year, study as financiers, managers, lawyers. But times have changed - wishing to operate and count up such infinite set that there was nobody to make has collected. About in what branches wait northern youth and as whom our interview with the deputy the chairman of committee of Murmansk area by training Victor Shtykovym is better to study now.



Workers do not suffice on a quarter


- Victor Fedorovich, to begin with: in what branches of economy of Murmansk area experts are now very necessary?


- First of all, in industrial. Now there is a development of new deposits mineralno - raw and toplivno - power minerals. The Murmansk transport site will develop Besides, will construct additional moorings and terminals in water area of trading port. I think, it will start to be revived and Northern sea way, in new structure will be formed icebreaking fleet. At the initiative of president Vladimir Putin the All-Russia ship-building corporation is created. It will give a strong push to a ship-building complex: it will receive new orders and will start to be perfected after long stagnation. It is possible to note power - will develop as traditional methods of reception of energy (atom, heat), and non-polluting - while uncharacteristic for Murmansk area. Building is revived - and will be erected not only buildings, but also industrial complexes and the enterprises for manufacture of building materials will start to be created anew. On it the enormous quantity of shots is required. Also it is time to reflect on it seriously: without personnel preparation no investments will give effect.


- But after all at us unemployment Really a problem with shots, apparently, was still saved so is serious?


- the general deficiency of highly-skilled personnel continues to grow In the Polar region. As a whole on Murmansk area security shots on the average makes only 83 percent: in sector of the higher vocational training of 93 percent, average professional education - 79,1 percent, initial - 75 percent. Workers do not suffice on a quarter! This current status. Working out of Shtokmana or building of the largest mines will burst - the situation will sharply become aggravated...

If to speak about structure of personnel preparation, that the big distortions here in system of the higher vocational training. Since 1995 on the present the quantity of high schools and their branches has increased in Murmansk area with 14 to 45. Number of students - from 17 to 38 thousand. However, the professional training structure in them leaves much to be desired. Would like to stop on the sizes of this affliction more in detail. In 2006 in area high schools 8220 persons on 106 specialities are accepted. Thus more than forty percent of graduates have chosen only 6 directions: jurisprudence, the finance and the credit, accounting, the analysis and audit, economy and management at the enterprise, the state and municipal management, organisation management. Practically any more or less large high school trains students on these specialities. Duplication - enormous and senseless. Depresses that these establishments very poorly co-operate among themselves, it does not allow to generate the order for a professional training, optimum for a present labour market.




Students - state employees becomes even less


- And how affairs with budgetary places in high schools of Murmansk area are? Why their number is reduced from year to year?


- Yes, it very much confuses us. The share of students - state employees in high schools of Murmansk area sharply decreases. And average vocational training not so lags behind on this indicator. In general, already there is no sense to divide high schools on state and not state - at times at the state institute number of paid places exceeds number of the students trained in commercial establishments. Under the law on education there is a specification - students - state employees in area should be not less than 170 on 10 thousand population. And at us - 90,2. In it contributes politician Minobrnauki - it is directed on reducing quantity of budgetary places with reduction of number of youth, but without features of regions. In 2006 free of charge could arrive for 10 percent of less students. And competition has grown approximately in the same proportion! By the way, in 2007 it is supposed about the same reduction. That is why we suggest to delegate for a long time on regional level of responsibility on formation of the state order for a professional training. Thus a basic level of reception of state employees - 170 persons on 10 thousand population - to save. We put this question before the Ministry of Education some years and while the response is not present. Capital high schools, naturally, are not interested in that budgetary places from them passed in regions because after them budget money will leave also. As a result the central high schools have suggested us to direct students - state employees on preparation for them. Certainly, it is real. Only will be unreal to receive graduates back. By the way, last year there was a paradoxical history. The rector of MGTU through the governor left on the Ministry of Education and Rosrybolovstvo with the request to increase quantity of budgetary places on not profile specialities. Rosrybolovstvo and has made. Only 30 superfluous places on not profile specialities have appeared at the expense of reduction of reception on sea profile



Vacancies will leave to guest workers?


- It turns out so: in the majority high schools learn students on a paid basis to not too popular specialities. Really it is favourable to them to prepare experts who then to very few people will be necessary? And where the means leave, which students pay for the training?


- In most cases high schools develop preparation on those specialities which have demand among the population. It turns out that all are defined not by real requirement for shots, and commercial interest of educational institution. As to means - branches of high schools work in the conditions of terrible underfinancing. The big share of the means obtained from preparation of paid students, goes to head high schools. Therefore the specialities which are not demanding heavy expenses also get out. All it it is necessary to stop, put things in order. Or we can wait that only guest workers in the north will work. If we do not see reason in time, so it and Here at Finns will is deficiency of the auxiliary medical personnel. And they already carefully ask a question: and how here at us with these shots? And they are ready even to offer residence permit. And if all of us neglect, from our polyclinics and hospitals last physicians will run up. This one more affliction.


- Well, suppose, it is favourable to polar high schools to let out packs financiers and managers who then from a hopelessness go in sellers. But what forces students to study in such specialities on which they far will find not at once work?


- Alas, serious research in this respect it was not spent. It is possible to assume that the youth connects the further life with moving to other places. The person does not take into head to receive a speciality which would be claimed in Murmansk area. The important point in this respect is a vocational guidance. That warp which arises today in higher education sphere, is put at school. Parity between humanitarian, socially - economic profile classes and technical, technological about same, as well as in high schools. We have the whole programs connected with vocational guidance at school, we have bought the special automated equipment for this purpose. People after all sometimes simply do not reflect that except offices, there are still mines, factories, the sea. Now there is an idea to create in high schools boards of trustees. They will define development strategy, to confirm financial plans, to supervise activity of the rector, can offer a new nominee on this post. And the structure of this board of trustees should include the most different people - representatives of administration, employers, the public. The board of trustees can make so that in high school prepared more demanded experts, opened new, more perspective faculties. And if the rector wants and to let out further crowds of lawyers or managers trustees can put to it by sight and even at all to displace.




High schools are time for uniting


- And how all - taki to interest educational institutions in preparation of those experts which would be claimed first of all here, in the Polar region?


- the Main condition for this purpose - the right to form the state order for a professional training. It is meant it that if the regional administration places this order in any concrete high school also money under it allocates. But here it is a lot of problems. In - the first, it does not allow to do the budgetary code: we cannot finance federal high school. Preliminary there should be a governmental order of Russia about an order of formation and financing of the state order for a professional training which will define frameworks of interaction of region with high schools, their founders and the Ministry of Finance. To begin with it is possible to put this question before the plenipotentiary of the President in SZFO Klebanov. Also it would be necessary to create uniform state university in Murmansk area, to unite in it all our large high schools. To the governor to grant the right to head its board of trustees. The people possessing the real power would enter into it - heads of the large enterprises, representatives of controls and public organisations. And we then would solve all questions with maintenance of Murmansk area with shots.



By the way


In Murmansk area do not prepare oil industry workers and metallurgists!


the Share of release of experts with higher education concerning volume of the given group in personnel structure of economy of area looks so:

- public health services - 0,56 percent;

- building - 5,36 percent;

- health and safety - 1,93 percent;

- the electronic technics, radio engineering, communication - 5,42 percent.

preparation in higher education sphere on specialities is not conducted At all:

- fish and agriculture;

- a geodesy and land management;

- metallurgy, mechanical engineering, metal working;

- chemistry and biotechnologies;

- information security;

- sea oil and gas constructions;

- shipbuilding and ship repair.


these specialities now are especially appreciated.



On a note


For Murmansk teenagers reserve workplaces


Recently the administration of Murmansk of the regional centre has accepted the decision About additional guarantees of employment of youth of a city of Murmansk in 2007 . At the enterprises and the organisations of the regional centre it is entered kvotirovanie workplaces for employment of children till 18 years. It will be either new workplaces, or youth begins to occupy already existing vacancies.

Heads of municipal authorities and the unitary enterprises are obliged to allocate one percent of workplaces from annual number working for youth employment. That is, if at the enterprise 100 persons are registered, one workplace, if 200, two is allocated. For the Murmansk enterprises, establishments and the organisations of other patterns of ownership a quota youth Workplaces it is established in the size defined by corresponding contracts, concluded with municipal authority the Complex Center of social service of youth .


On kvotiruemye places can apply the children registered and living in the city of Murmansk:


When such teenager reaches majority, it can leave on work depending on financial position and the social status for the term of no more 2 - h months. The salary of children will correspond to a city scale of charges (plus regional factor and poljarki).


Those who wants to be arranged on kvotiruemye workplaces, can be converted in the Complex Center of social service of youth (street Marata, 21) by phone 25 - 03 - 81.