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To northerners ordered to escape urgently from - for failures at nuclear station

FSB finds out: why in a radio aether there was a pseudo-message on terrible state of emergency

- Attention! Attention! Citizens! As a result of failure on the Kola atomic power station there was a radioactive infection of district in a city Polar Dawns and in settlements Zasheek, Afrikanda, Nivsky, Pinozero Such ominous message has sounded in 14. 00 on Wednesday on air of Murmansk branch of radio station the Maximum . Then the leader has informed, how it is necessary to be prepared for evacuation not to be irradiated.

In the listed settlements this radio is inaccessible. And on nothing suspecting inhabitants of vicinities of the Kola atomic power station calls of the frightened relatives from other areas of the Polar region fell down. On ears there was also our edition. Still! Such state of emergency in region yet was not. Before eyes terrible shots of Chernobyl have emerged.

Squall of calls has overflowed phones of the atomic power station and administration of Polar Dawns. And there also did not know, about any accident.

- Anything supernumerary at station does not occur, - the senior inspector OVD on service of the Kola atomic power station Dmitrys Fomenkos has assured.

- After two o`clock in the afternoon at me phone continuously ringed, the frightened people called, - remembers and. An island of the head of administration of a city energetikov Natalia Senatorova. - I was in perplexity: as so, even about small state of emergency I would learn one of the first. And alarm signals any did not sound. In a panic city was not, people at us formed and trained on doctrines. Know how to behave and that will occur, happen a misfortune.

As the pseudo-message on failure has appeared on air?!

- We spent only planned check of regional system of the notification of the population about emergency situations, - the chief of department of communication GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on Murmansk area Michael Zagorulko justified later. - Worries there is nothing.

in practice check consists that the heads responsible for ours with you security, exchange calls with each other and in time inform on imaginary state of emergency. (Such call Natalia Senatorova has received also.) Plus Murmansk and local radio stations should pass the message from the Package 17 .

in it - that all and a hitch.

Such package is stored on all television studios and radio stations. Workers are obliged under instructions of the Ministry of Emergency Measures to read its contents. And on Tuesday radijshchiki have received instructions - to broadcast the text from a package 17 .

and in the morning on Wednesday, according to the program director of radio station Alexander Kolobova, one more text has by fax come to edition. And too designated as a package 17 . In it it was already told about planned check and it was reminded that in case of state of emergency it is necessary to include TV or radio and to follow the further instructions.

On radio have got confused: the text from what packages 17 to give out in an aether?! Have begun to call under number specified in a fax - the message, but could not catch anybody on that end of a wire.

As a result we have heard the first terrible Variant.

All this rubbish has happened during visit and. An island of the general director of concern Rosenergoatom Sergey Obozova on KAES.

the reasons of, how a duck has taken off for an aether, internal check GU now finds out the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Murmansk area. Besides, FSB has become interested in this case.

- Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Measures assured us that brought the new text and earlier, - Alexander Kolobov makes a helpless gesture. - But to whom they have passed it, it is not known. Anybody for reception a package did not undersign. And the collective has exchanged since then.

Yesterday emcheesovtsy at last have handed over to workers of station the correct text under a list. Pleases that the terrible message has appeared an error. But all the same as - that is uncomfortable that it nevertheless has happened.