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Grow thin in the spring with cabbage and a cod!

as to northerners correctly to make toilet after winter

the First spring month comes to an end. Till the summer with its beaches and bathing suits remains only two. How to put in order a figure and not to lose health and so weakened at polar night, Pirogova Svetlana Nikitin advises endokrinolog the Murmansk clinical complex of a name.

- the First advice - it is not necessary to sit down on so-called course diets (from a series - month on a diet, then eat that you want). Usually in that case the organism after a shake-up types even more kgs. It is especially actual for northerners: after all owing to gipodinamii the metabolism at us is slowed down often, and superfluous kgs “ are increased “ faster.

- Wishing to grow thin it is necessary to refuse from sweet and the refined products (sausage, sausage, a roll). That is, that are cleared from kletchatki and contain a considerable quantity of the fats contributing in addition of weight.

- But completely to pass to vegetables to northerners it is not necessary. After all fresh to us yet do not carry, and last year`s all the winter long have lain in a warehouse, having lost useful vitamins and microcells. It is necessary, that in a daily diet there was a dish rich with fibers - meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish. (E sli our organism receives less fiber, it “steals“ it from muscles and an internal. Fiber is necessary for escalating of muscular weight that, in turn, leads to more intensive process of burning of fats.) Our northern fishes - a cod, a haddock, a jack mackerel are good. Except fiber, they are rich also with polynonsaturated fats which protect our cages from an atherosclerosis. By the way, polynonsaturated fats are in sunflower seeds and nuts.

- Vitamins are simply necessary for us in the spring. It is necessary to choose those vegetables - fruit in which it was saved more vitamin C. It raises stability of an organism to infections, strengthens immunite t, and contains in a citrus, sweet pepper, sauerkraut. It is not necessary to forget and about fitontsidah, killing many microbes and raising immunity. They contain in an onion and garlic. And also about microcells and kletchatke - it is a lot of them in sea kale, bran, dried fruits, small loafs.

- not to grow stout, the average person should eat on 2000 kcals a day. And to grow thin, to reduce power value of a diet to 1000 - 1200 kcals. Thus the most part of a day diet should have for a breakfast and a dinner, and from a supper it is better to refuse or replace on a broader scale it 1 - 2 glasses of kefir. After all the energy received in second half of day, has not time to be spent and is postponed on a waist and hips.

- (150 to/ kal in 100) it is better to replace High-calorie mayonnaise with ketchup (7 to/ kal in 100).

- Once a week it is possible to do a day of limited intake of food. The kefiric in the spring is good: for days stretch litre of kefir and 250 grammes of cottage cheese. And it is possible to try apple, water-melon and cucumber days of limited intake of food in the summer. In this case per day it is necessary to stretch 1,5 kg of vegetables or fruit.

And at this time

After polar night it is better not to wash!

- the Skin of northerners differs from the southern. We are more predisposed to ugrevoj rashes (from - for shortages of vitamin), at us ageing process is slowed down, from - for environmental conditions (the wind, frequent differences of the temperatures, the raised humidity of air) prevails dry type of a skin, - the expert of Murmansk beauty salon tells Lyudmila DRUZHININ. - as to polar night even if you the aboriginal of Murmansk, to get used to it it is impossible. Each time is stress for our organisms. Faster to result a skin and hair in an order, three components are necessary: humidifying, tonizatsija, a food.

1. Humidifying

at whom a dry skin, after an exit from winter it is recommended not to wash water and to use pitateln ym a milk of m. At whom kombinirovanaja a skin, boiled water will approach. And at whom a skin fat, - it is possible to wash though water from under the crane: for them restrictions are not present.

40 minutes prior to an exit from the house all are recommended to put on the face a nutritious protective cream (better - “ children`s “) . And make a face pack in the evening: 1 items of l. ovsjanyh the flakes scrolled in a coffee grinder to mix in a glass of milk and to add 1 item of l. Olive oil.

we Protect hands: 1 items of l. Sour creams, 2 ch. L. Torments, a yolk of egg and 1 ch. L. Butter it is mixed and put on half an hour. And that brushes have better become impregnated, we put on hands a polyethylene package or cotton gloves.

2, Tonizirovanie

“ to Wash off “ after polar night a grayish shade of a skin the cucumber or an apple will help. The cucumber needs to be cut and transformed small in kashitsu. We throw an apple in a juice extractor, and juice is put on the face by means of a wadded tampon. If a skin dry it is added still a spoon smetanki, if fat, cottage cheese. In nails it is necessary to rub sea salt, special oils.

3. A food

That the skin was shone, it should be filled by nutrients. It is for this purpose used fat a cream with the sun-protection factor. Fruit and vegetables are now rather poor vitamins therefore it is the most preferable to use in food house preparations, such as: the cranberry berry juice, the processed bilberry and a cowberry.

And the last. Carry headdresses - so you protect hair from peresushivanija. Weakened at polar night, from a wind they become faded, thin and will faster drop out. Nettle infusion (2 table spoons on water half-litre once a week) is very good. For strengthening of roots of hair it is very useful to rub aloe juice.