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School stolovki will transform into restaurants?

adults have begun to worry: how to overcome student`s gastritises

At 745 polar children - adiposity. Almost at 2000 - a chronic gastritis. By the illnesses connected with improper feeding, indicators in area above all-Russian on 20 - 30 percent! The reasons suffices: vitamins and other useful substances are badly acquired. Bring the mite and chips with koloj which abrupt teenagers enjoy in advertising. And parents frequently have no time to prepare something qualitative.

But if detsadovtsev and younger schoolboys feed organizovanno on the average and the senior link basically children from socially not protected families eat hot breakfasts. And they sometimes refuse - a pier, not fashionably. A maximum that many in school buffet, - rolls yes buy tea.

- We very much worry for children of group of the prolonged day, - tells the deputy The chief of department of sanitary inspection of territorial administration Rospotrebnadzora Svetlana Dmitrievsky. - They spend at school till ten o`clock. And to eat the child should is not more rare, than each four hours. Therefore here there should be a two-single school food. But not always it turns out. More often parents give dinners with themselves. Represent, in what will turn a sandwich in this time in a backpack! And happens, mums - fathers give to the child with themselves in advance dissolved mashed potatoes

What there should be a school food?

- We are ready to deliver breakfasts - dinners for children in any form - though for a buffet! However, for this purpose educational institutions should buy the special equipment, for example, show-windows with cooling for salads, - are told by the director of industrial complex of a food 6 Tamara Belyh.

According to the chief specialist gorkomiteta by training Irinas Pereshivajlovoj, buffets Are possible, if all schoolboys agree to hand over money. Many senior pupils ask: put at each school a microwave and a teapot, and we there that want, we will warm up. However ovens simply will not sustain the big flow of schoolboys, and every month to buy new - money you will not save enough. And hot sandwiches - not the wholesome food.

- a Food of pupils - the big problem, - speaks Irina Borisovna. - Perhaps children will prompt, how it to solve? For this purpose we have dispatched on educational institutions of the questionnaire for schoolboys and by April, 15th we learn answers.

Teachers and parents - for hot breakfasts. But they consider that teenagers have the right to a menu choice.

- On the average and the senior link children already adult, they want to choose to themselves a dinner, - the principal 34 Irina Vetsko notices. - We try to enter a power supply system under the menu reserved for week. But it does not turn out yet. We can not settle a monetary question

in any way - I - for the organised hot breakfasts, - the mathematics teacher of a grammar school 3 Tatyana Gostev considers. - but in dining rooms there is no personnel. As though soon did not display a portion, the meal has time to cool down. With a dinner brought from the house, - it is even more difficult: after all many children do not wash a hand, sandwiches put on a window sill...

And the seventh-grader of school 34 Eugene Lobodin not against to go to a dining room all class but only if will give, for example, pizzas and juice, instead of porridges and fish.

On a note

Present school breakfasts happen two types. In what 35 roubles cost, salad, hot, a drink, a batch, sometimes fruit enters. And that for 12 roubles of 75 copecks, - salad, a drink, a batch. In the first case needy parents pay extra on 5 roubles for a breakfast, the second variant for them free.

Dear readers! What, in your opinion, should be a school food? Call to us on bodies. (8152 42 - 47 - 93.

It should be known

to the Schoolboy in day it is necessary two glasses of milk! Publishes an approximate daily set of products for schoolboys

(according to the document Hygiene of children and teenagers. Baby food. Formation of food allowances of children and teenagers of school age in the organised collectives with use of foodstuff of the raised eating and biological value )