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Rosljak: allocation 1 mlrd rbl. on underground development - " the first step "

the First deputy of the mayor in the government of Moscow Yury Rosljak considers the decision on allocation in 2006 from the federal budget of 1 billion roubles on underground development only " the first step ".

" It is the first step. It would be possible to make and - to make of the second the decision on a direction of additional incomes of the state in the decision of two main points - development of roads of Russia and metrostroenie " - has declared Rosljak on Tuesday at session of the time commission of the Federation Council on which the question on financing of development of the Moscow underground was considered.

Rosljak has reminded that now, along with the building program in capital of modern HWY, the government of Moscow realises " alternative " the program of creation of system of transfer sites. It has explained that its essence in that in such sites townspeople could leave the personal cars in parkings and passes to more high-speed " extrastreet transport ".

Rosljak has supported idea of the chairman of the council of Federation Sergey Mironov and the chief of the Moscow underground Dmitry Gaeva ABT necessity of return of financing on the terms of 50 on 50 when Federation and the subject of Federation fifty-fifty divided burden of financing of development of the underground.

" If the subject of federation, in particular Moscow, allocates the considerable sums also the Federation should allocate otvetno the same sum " for underground development; - considers Rosljak.