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In Kiev in large quantities distribute party symbolics " the National union " Our Ukraine "

In day of commemorating of anniversary " orange revolution " on the Maidan nezalezhnosti in large quantities distribute selective symbolics properezidentskoj to party " the National union " Our Ukraine " (NSNU).

People bysro assort orange scarfs and ribbons. That who canvas capes W the horseshoe and word image " posnorovistee, get; So! " (" Yes! ") .

" IDK, it is necessary " - Marina from Dnepropetrovsk, the owner of a full package W scarfs W the image selective " has told to the correspondent of News; orange " symbolics of year prescription.

" We have brought here three big " Ikarusa " W symbolics. We hope, will suffice on all " - representative of the party NSNU SPK.

Some SPK that will use scarfs and ribbons in an economy. " at me the big kitchen garden, I will tie these ribbons on trees and on a scarecrow - to drive away birds from crops, and hawks - from chickens " next spring; - Vladimir Grigorchuk from the Western Ukraine has told. He asserts that " orange symbolics " thus to it will long remind about an anniversary on the Maidan ".

However, those who support Yulia Timoshenko Block, do not hide disappointment.

" We did not stand one year ago particularly on the area under selective symbols of party which will go in the spring of next year on elections! It was our general Maidan " - Nikolay SPK, on a lapel dublenki which Timoshenko`s portrait flaunts.

He considers that even if " parties of the former co-workers to unite on the eve of elections in the Supreme Rada, all the same the Maidan it is not necessary so magnificently to decorate symbols NSNU ".

along the main street - a Kreschatik cardboard boards under the name " are established; a Wailing Wall on " to orange dream ". ANY1 who wants, can write on them wishes of the new power.

" Not so QIK all should change " - Vasily Krichun, the lawyer from Ivano - Frankovska has told, answering a question that has changed in the country for a year after " orange revolution ".

Among inscriptions in support of Victor Yanukovych and obviously offensive expressions to the present president on the improvised two-metre wall from a cardboard he has written " JUlja! FWD! "

Vasily SPK that has arrived to Kiev " on the money, taking preliminary compensatory holidays 4 a trip ".

Believe in success of the present power and other visitors for an anniversary of commemorating " orange revolution " from the Western Ukraine.

" Our president - Yushchenko! And we will protect it that Kuchma`s gang AGN has not come to power " - Peter Baziljuk from Chernovitsky area has told.